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28 October 2014

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One of the new wave of Tory politicians who follow in David Cameron's wake. Cambridge educated, he is one of a group of intelligent, articulate public school boys, who knew instinctively that the future of the Conservative Party was theirs.

He's from a family of lawyers and although politics doesn't pay well, he had the sense to marry into money. His father-in-law is a Tory peer and it's thanks to him that he could support his career in politics and bagged himself a nice, safe Home Counties seat.

He has genuine "One Nation" Tory feelings, and dislikes the harder right wing of the party, whom he regards as obstinate and out of touch.

Patrick Baladi

Patrick is probably most recognisable as Neil Godwin, David Brent's boss in The Office. He has appeared in a number of shows including Bodies, Casualty, Dalziel and Pascoe and Heartbeat.

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