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24 September 2014

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Patrick Baladi Interview

Patrick Baladi as James Northcote in Party Animals

Patrick plays Conservative MP James Northcote

James is incredibly ambitious; do you think he will stop at nothing to get to the top?
James plays by the rules, he may bend them and find ways around them, but his ambition is considered.

Does he ultimately want to be a member of Cabinet?
He intends to push the wave of change in the Tory party and take advantage of being a young Cameron.

Do you think he is really part of New Conservative movement, or one of the old guard at heart?
He feels the old school are holding the party back.

Is he in love with Ashika?
No comment.

At some points it seems he's jealous of her success, or is it more that he sees her talent and so wants her on his team?
Ashika is clearly ambitious and capable which is why he finds her so attractive (she's also quite easy on the eye). He understands her worth, but believes they both have more to gain working together.

He loves the thrill of his job doesn't he?
"It's the thrill of the fight". - Eye Of The Tiger! He loves any battle, big or small. He just enjoys the attention.

What do you think attracted him to politics in the first place?
He met his wife at university, her father was in politics and he took full advantage of falling into it.

At one point he gets told to get back to the real world, with his family. Do you think he's lost touch with what was once important to him and is this something you think is obvious in many current politicians?
The world of politics is so expansive and consuming; the wife and family should only need the occasional stroke.

What was your favourite moment when filming Party Animals?
Me of course; trying to engage politically with Kirsty Wark in between takes on Newsnight.*

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