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24 September 2014

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Matt Smith Interview

Matt Smith as Danny Foster in Party Animals

Matt plays Labour researcher Danny Foster

Tell me about Danny...
Danny has a romantic, moral take on the political world and at the same time can be deeply cynical about life outside politics, his family etc. He has a dry sense of humour and a quick wit. Intellectually he's sharp and attentive; I suppose his brain is one of his most attractive features. Emotionally he's what you might deem uncultured, with women in particular Danny has an inability to express how he feels and be himself, at first. Underneath of course is a wry, sarcastic, witty, romantic waiting to knock a girl sideways and be the boyfriend of a lifetime! His timid nature romantically is of stark contrast to his persona at work where he can be dynamic, articulate and very productive.

What is it about politics that attracts him?
His opinions in general and of course his father. The death of his father, a person Danny was very close to, had an influence over his decision to enter politics. In doing so however Danny has developed his own political desire and drive. Academically he's always been a bit of book worm and what else would he do?!

He's teased for being too old to be a researcher, why hasn't he progressed quicker?
Loyalty to Jo and resolute belief in her ability, he could move because he's had offers. The great thing about Danny is despite his own emotional flaws regarding women, he's good at caring for people, being a shoulder or at some moments he's even a rock for others to lean on.

He takes life quite seriously. Is he a bit of a prude or is he just very sensitive?
He's sensitive yes, but not to an extreme. He's not wet so I don't think he's a prude by any means; he just knows what he likes in life. Drugs don't turn him on, work does. He works hard and should probably play harder but in not doing so has excelled in his academic career throughout his life.

He and his brother are very dependent on each other. Do you think they parent each other in a way?
Yes. Danny would be lost without Scott and vice versa. Danny looks up to him in many ways; he is both inspired and repulsed by his brother. Danny, not being particularly close to his mother, feels an increased emotional connection to his brother and their unconditional love. Scott reminds Danny to have fun; he pushes Danny forward at work, as well as paying the rent.

Do you think Danny is living in the shadows of his older brother and father?
People may see it that way but not in Danny's mind. He's carrying forward a similar political nature to his father but not Scott - Danny doesn't want to be a lobbyist, wear those stupid, overpriced pointy shoes or sleep with the Tory candidate!

Tell me (through Danny's eyes) about Kirsty.
He loves her, love is blind. She's pretty and she's quite funny. She treats him like shit, pays him little attention and uses him for her own personal gain quite ruthlessly. He doesn't know why but she rocks his world…

Do you think she likes him more than she lets on?
Kirsty respects Danny, his work ethic, his ability and his loyalty to her. He pays her too much attention and therein lies his flaw, he can't play hard to get or be sexy because he's too honest. He's an idiot for it but you love him as a result. Well done Ben Richards (the writer).

What other projects have you been working on?
Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North which are two films adapted from the novels by Philip Pullman for BBC ONE.*

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