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24 September 2014

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A dry Tory now living in a wet man's world. In his early thirties, in the hey-day of Thatcher's revolution, he was known as a sound man of the right, disdainful of Europe, hard on crime, an enthusiast of low taxes, low immigration, and even lower public spending.

George believes that anybody can make it if they get off their backside and graft, and has little time for wasters, moaners and liberal do-gooders. He's got first hand experience to prove it too and will tell anyone who listens that he experienced poverty and was brought up on a council estate.

He got into property at the right time and sold a successful business in his early 30's at great profit and went straight into politics, which he stuck at and is now the Shadow Minister for Home Affairs.

George is still a man of the right, and has no love for the softly-softly, Mr Nice-Guy, One Nation politics of the new leader. He resents James for his privileged upbringing, liberal views and easy ride, and although he has nothing personal against Ashika - actually he quite likes her - he suspects her ethnic background and gender are responsible for her meteoric rise.

Peter Wight

Peter has made brief appearances in EastEnders, Waking the Dead and Silent Witness.

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