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28 October 2014

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Episode 8 | Wednesday 21 March 2007, 9pm, BBC TWO

Seven days to polling day. Fresh from her rejection of James' marriage proposal, Ashika visits Scott but doesn't tell him about James. They decide they are going to have a 'proper' relationship. Douglas advises Danny to persuade Jo to resign after the by-election. Gloria persuades Ashika to do a magazine feature about her ideal husband. Things between Danny and Kirsty remain awkward; he's still upset about her and Scott and he openly disapproves of the way she is pursing Adrian to get the research post.

The next day, Danny clashes with Jo when he tries to discuss her future and she dismisses his loyalty. Richard persuades George to leak the photos of James and Ashika before the by-election. After sleeping with Adrian to get the research post, Kirsty is angry when she realises he had no intention of giving her the job. Scott is out canvassing when he spots a similarly involved Ashika being threatened by a constituent and steps in to defend her; Gloria notices the intimacy between them.

Day three. Danny discovers Jo's husband has rubbished her in the press and tries to contact her without success. He enlists Kirsty's help and she admits to him that she didn't get the research job. Danny finally retrieves Jo from a pub where she is drowning her sorrows and takes her to his flat with Kirsty. Ashika tells Scott that Gloria is suspicious about their relationship and they both promise to warn each other before they unleash a big political hit.

Day four. Sullivan thanks Scott for increasing his personal ratings in the polls. Scott tries without success to contact Ashika after he anonymously receives a CD containing the photos of her and James. Danny arrives to lend his support to the campaign but behaves distantly with Scott - for a moment it looks like he's going to bring up Kirsty but nothing is said. Scott shows his brother the photos and they clash over which course of action to take. Danny is outraged that Scott is reluctant to release them to the press because he's involved with Ashika but promises not to say anything. Rumours about an affair between a male politician and a female journalist are beginning to circulate.

Day five. James informs Ashika that the rumour mill is now mentioning his name but so far she hasn't been implicated. To Ashika's dismay, Scott behaves distantly with her when they meet at Labour HQ. Sophie realises they are together. That evening Scott decides to throw the CD of photos away but realises it's been replaced. His instincts lead him to Danny who admits giving the photos to the local gazette; he doesn't want his Dad's constituency to go to a Tory. In the ensuing argument, Scott realises Danny knows about him and Kirsty and insists to his brother it meant nothing but Danny can't excuse his behaviour.

Day six. Gloria angrily informs Ashika that her affair with James is all over the press. After learning from Matt that the Tory party leaked the photos to the labour camp, Ashika mistakenly thinks Scott released them to the media. George lets James know he's responsible for the photos and Ashika struggles for composure when she faces the press to deny the affair. Danny's loyalty gives Jo a welcome boost and she returns to form when she delivers a triumphant speech against James in the house.

Day seven. Ashika and Scott fall out when she accuses him of leaking the photos to the press. Matt informs Scott that Ashika rejected James' proposal for him. Awaiting the election results, Scott tries again to convince Ashika of his innocence but things between them remain unresolved. Sullivan wins the seat by a slim margin. Scott and Danny make friends.*

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