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24 September 2014

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Danny's a clever boy, an unashamed politics geek. And he's not without charm - he just lacks the confidence sometimes to really go for what he wants. Scott's always telling him to leave his current job as a researcher and get himself a better job with higher pay and more recognition. He's very capable. If only he'd believe in himself.

Danny's been Jo's researcher since he left university and at 26 ought to have moved on by now. But he can't bring himself to leave her: he's also hoping that if he sticks with her long enough, when the promotions come she'll take him with her. Jo's difficult. At first Danny accepts this relationship without questioning - convincing himself it's part of his job description. But when the party whips start to notice Jo's decline, Danny realises he's going to have to take decisive action. But what will he do?

Danny secures pretty intern Kirsty a researcher's job in the office, naively hoping that a relationship might develop. But she rejects him, reasoning that it wouldn't be sensible to be sleeping and working together. Despite this rejection Danny can't help fancying Kirsty…

Danny moves into the tiny box room in Scott's flat. Scott's always hassling Danny to find his own place, but the truth is Scott loves having Danny around. While Scott likes to party, Danny is happy to curl up on the sofa with a biography of Harold Wilson and a cup tea, a source of much amusement for Scott.

Matt Smith

The Ruby in the Smoke was Matt's TV debut. His stage highlights include The History Boys and On the Shore of the Wide World.

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