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24 September 2014

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Sandra Pullman

Sandra Pullman (Amanda Redgrave)

Sandra Pullman is a highly successful career woman, but her achievements have come at the expense of her personal life. Her work has always been her driving force and she's given it 110%, with little time for anything outside of the job. Until now.

"The best thing about working on this series is the fun we have,” reveals actress Amanda Redman.

“There are times when we laugh so much I cry my make up off. A lot of the humour on screen comes from how the four of us interact, improvising and playing around - it's a mutual camaraderie. On screen the boys often behave like naughty school boys and Pullman is forever reining them in and it's pretty much the same role play when the camera stops.

“Pullman’s always believed that she would achieve her ambitions and climb to the top of the ladder, but when she’s given the opportunity to go higher, she falters. Because she realises that actually it’s not just about the career.  It’s the fact she adores working with these three guys. She's discovered that they are her friends.

“She relies on the boys a bit too much, which they are aware of, but they have had a very positive effect on her. Previously she's been straight down the line, but bit by bit, the boys are warming her up, and she starting to do things she'd never have dreamt of doing. She's beginning to bend the rules now."

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