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24 September 2014

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Jack Halford

Jack Halford (James Bolam)

Jack Halford retired from the force when his beloved wife Mary died following a hit and run accident. And while he welcomed the opportunity to join UCOS, he is still haunted by Mary's death and the fact that no one was ever charged.

"Most of the time Halford just gets on with the job,” reveals actor James Bolam, “But obviously there are occasions when he is deeply affected by her death, especially when he finds himself on a case that opens up a lot of memories. Jack still talks to his wife, discussing cases with her. He reveals more about himself when he's talking to Mary, than he does with anyone else."

The series also stars James' real wife, actress Susan Jameson, who plays Esther Lane, wife of his colleague Brian (Alun Armstrong).  James and Susan don't have too many scenes together meaning that one of them is always around to look after the family pets including two new additions acquired by Susan while filming.

"Susan filmed some scenes with Alun at an animal rescue centre and did come home with two more dogs. One of them is 16 years old and he's lovely, and the other one is very nervous and neurotic and she'll take a little time to settle. We already have a rescue dog and we have two cats. That's why it's great that we don't have any scenes together because someone's got to look after the animals."

James enjoys the camaraderie between the four main characters and believes the success of the show is down to the writing and the fact that the show manages to combine drama and humour.

"There is always humour in any given situation and in this series the humour comes out of the relationship between the four of them. They play off each other."

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