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28 October 2014

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The cast of Merseybeat

Merseybeat follows the fortunes of Newton Park police force, as the officers struggle to balance their demanding work and home lives.

Series 1

Jim Oulton (John McArdle)

Superintendent Susan Blake (Haydn Gywnne) returns to work from maternity leave and soon finds herself being stalked. Steve (Jonathan Kerrigan) and Bill Gentle (David Hargreaves) face a life-or-death situation when they and chase two men who've broken into the home of an antiques dealer. Meanwhile Jim Oulten (John McArdle) faces financial and marital problems.

Susan Blake (Haydn Gywnne)

In the concluding episode of the series, Susan's stalker tries to blow her up but gets the wrong victim, Steve's girlfriend Miriam (Shelley Conn). The team pull out all stops to catch the stalker and find a suspect.

Series 2

Probationary PC's Jackie Brown (Joanna Taylor) and Jodie Finn (Josie D'Arby) inject new life into Newton Park. There is no love lost between them however as Jackie slept with Jodie's boyfriend. 

I found some of the aftermath of the rape quite well done, such as Susan not telling her husband, then he finds out she hasn’t told him.

Haydn Gywnne (Supt Susan Blake)

Meanwhile, Susan's ex husband is arrested for drunk driving. That night Susan leaves work late, anxious at having let her family down again. As she heads into her car, a figure grabs her from behind and she can do little to struggle against her attacker's assault.

Charlie (Leslie Ash)

In the aftermath of the rape Susan struggles to carry as normal; not reporting the incident and only revealing it to Jodie.  Jodie then tells Jim, who she believes can help Susan, as her closest friend.

Eventually he manages to get Susan to report the crime and the whole station is mobilised to find her attacker. After finding no firm leads Jim finds Susan in her car in a state. She tells him she knows who raped her. It was her ex-husband Guy (Mark Aiken).

Vince (Kevin Harvey) and Roz (Claire Sweeney)

Susan isn't prepared for Guy to go through the usual questioning and decides to take matters into her own hands. She goes to his house armed with a gun. He finally admits the truth that he raped her. Jim and Al find out what's happening and rush over. Susan has the gun and it's pointing right at Guy. Jim and Al break in and the distraction causes Guy to lurch forward and grab Susan's gun. He finally shows his true, evil colours to a horrified Susan, Al and Jim. Away from the house, a blast is heard.

Series 3

The third series opens with the inquiry into the death of Guy Morgan, the man alleged to have raped Susan. She is cleared of any wrongdoing. However, later in the series she is the subject of another inquiry that limits her operational powers. Susan decides to leave her position and Jim Oulton is promoted to her role as Superintendent. Newton Park gains a new inspector in the shape of Charlie Eden (Leslie Ash). Almost upon arrival she is implicated in the death of a suspect in custody.

Series 4

The final series begins as Superintendent Jim Oulton's marriage ends. A CID unit is introduced to Newton Park and with it comes Charlie Eden's ex, DI Pete Hammond (Mark Warnock). She's not so happy to see him though as the relationship didn't end well. Elsewhere a member of CID, DS Roz Kelly (Claire Sweeney) is brought on board for a murder case. Pete discovers Roz has a criminal background, although she soon puts this to good use in an investigation.

Adding more tension to the station's working relationships, Pete has a one night stand with PC Jackie Borwn. Meanwhile new recruit PC Glenn Freeman (Scott Williams) has an eye on Jackie.

After four series of relationship turmoil, with the odd bit of crime-solving thrown in for good measure, the doors of Newton Park station closed for the last time in January 2004.


Haydn Gywnne
Superintendent Susan Blake
Leslie Ash
Inspector Charlie Eden
John McArdle
Superintendent Jim Oulton
Joanna Taylor
PC Jackie Brown
Josie D'Arby
PC Jodie Finn
Mark Womack
DI Pete Hammond
Scott Williams
PC Glenn Freeman
Chris Walker
Larry 'Tiger' Barton
David Hargreaves
Sergeant Bill Gentle

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