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28 October 2014

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Magnificent 7

Maggi (Helena Bonham Carter)

Helena Bonham Carter stars as Maggi, a mother with seven children. Her four sons are all, in one form or another, autistic. Poignant and uplifting, Magnificent 7 is her story.

The drama was inspired by real-life supermum, Jacqui Jackson, whose extraordinary family was featured in the 2003 documentary My Family and Autism.

Dimitri (Bruno Lastra)

Magnificent 7 was written by Sandy Welch, who also adapted North and South for TV. It's a drama that invites the audience to look at the world from a different point of view. It's as funny as it is heartbreaking, and, ultimately it's a celebration of this extraordinary family.

Despite finding parts of the film painful to watch, Jacqui is pleased with the way it's turned out.

It's the scrapbook of a year in the life of this eccentric family and it sets out to enchant, not to depress.

Helena Bonham Carter

"For every child and parent in the situations shown in the drama, there are also people in schools, doctors and assessors that are misunderstanding things," reveals Jacqui. "So I hope some of them will watch and maybe recognise some of it - pupils they thought were just naughty or rude, but will now think maybe they've got ADHD or AS - and understand them a bit better."

Helena Bonham Carter was attracted to the role because of the eccentricity of the Jackson family.

Christopher (Christopher Parkinson)

She says: "I've always been attracted by eccentrics or differences in people and I really liked the whole message of it's alright to be different. It's actually a celebration of all the kids and their differences and what they like. It's the scrapbook of a year in the life of this eccentric family and it sets out to enchant, not to depress."

All through the process of making the drama the production team stayed in close contact with Jaqui Jackson and her family.

Davey (Joshua Thurston)

Helena admits: "I couldn't have done it if Jacqui hadn't been so generous with her time. I went up to visit her and the kids. They were all so down to earth, I could feel as soon as I walked in that she's a great home-maker, and there are these other people, waifs and strays, that she adopts because she's a natural mother.

When you hear of her situation you think immediately of words like harassed and careworn, but Jacqui confounds every expectation. She's very sexy, unbelievably vivid and vital, very bright, very quick, has a great sense of humour and she's quirky. She's not a conformist and she's brought up her children with the message that it's alright to be you. She doesn't seek to change her children, but she does seek to change the world."


Helena Bonham-Carter
Bruno Lastra
Christopher Parkinson
Joshua Thurston
Thomas Redford

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