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28 October 2014

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Episode 3: The End of the Street

Episode 3

9pm 31st May 2006 BBC TWO

It's the week of the 1987 election, and Gerald and Rachel Fedden set off for Barwick. Nick is left to look after Catherine, whose medication has left her in a depressive slump.

Whilst working at Ogee, Wani's company, Nick is visited by Rosemary Charles. She brings awful news - her brother Leo died of AIDS three weeks previously. Nick is devastated.

His mood is further depressed by a restaurant meeting with potential US backers of his and Wani's film project. On arrival, Wani's illness is obvious, and unsettles everyone. After his business partner and lover has been sick, Nick drives him home and says goodbye, for what seems likely to be the last time.

Still trying to cope with his sorrow, Nick returns home to discover reporters outside the Feddens'. He learns that Gerald has been implicated in a share scandal involving Maurice Tipper. Catherine responds to the situation by convincing Nick to drive her to the flat of Gerald's friend Badger, seemingly on a whim. Once there, it becomes clear that Gerald is using the flat to conduct an affair with his secretary, Penny.

The next day, the papers are full of this new scandal - Catherine has exposed her father. Gerald has no choice but to resign. Rachel, furious at Nick, accuses him of betrayal for failing to control and protect Catherine. She reveals that they have just learned about Catherine cutting herself four years ago.

Things worsen further when the full story of Nick's affair with Wani is splashed across the tabloids. Catherine has exposed him too - deterimined that no-one should have any secrets. Already shaken, Nick is insulted by Gerald's friend Barry, and then has to undergo the uncertainty of taking an AIDS test and awaiting the result.

After thinking things over, Nick feels he is left with only one option. He goes to Gerald to tell him he's moving out, in order to spare him any more embarrassment. But Gerald goes on the attack immediately, making Nick a scapegoat for his problems.

Ordered out by Gerald, Nick leaves the house and family where he's made his home for the past four years.


Episode 1
Episode 2 transmitted 9pm, May 24 2006
Episode 3 transmitted 9pm, May 31 2006


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