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24 September 2014

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Series 5

Judge John Deed (Martin Shaw)

Take a look back at what happened in series 5.

Episode 1 - Hard-Gating

Friday 6 January 2006, 8.30pm, BBC One

A young black man, Paul Settle, is murdered in prison a week before he is due for release, stabbed by known-racist Ben Bradwell in a shared prison cell. Over-crowding is the Prison Service's excuse, but the Judge's questioning reveals that this prison wasn't up to capacity. Meanwhile, Jo is becoming increasingly distant from Deed - but why?

Episode 2 - My Daughter, Right or Wrong

Friday 13 January 2006, 8.30pm, BBC One

A fire-bomb in the animal "hotel" of the science faculty at Sussex University destroys a multi-million-pound building and kills a scientist. Henry Free, an animal rights movement organiser is put on trial for murder. Charlie Deed gets the case as defence junior but when Henry sacks his QC he begs Charlie to represent him instead. Despite opposition from her father, Charlie takes the case on her own.

Despite a declaration of his love for her, Jo is drifting further and further out of his reach, having resumed her relationship with Marc Thompson.

Episode 3 - Lost Youth

Friday 20 January, 8.30pm, BBC One

At his hospital, Marc tells a comatose two-year old's parents that it would be in their child's best interests if they did not resuscitate him again. The parents believe it is God's will that he should live and say they'll fight for him in court. Deed must rule on the case.

Judge John Deed (Martin Shaw)

Jo tells Deed that she is to marry Marc. She's annoyed when Deed's subsequent treatment of a client seems to be more affected by his feelings about her than the merits of the case.

Episode 4 - Silent Killer

Friday 27 January 2006, 8.30pm, BBC One

Gilly Bridges and her husband Jake both have severe health problems - breathing difficulties and cancer respectively. They are convinced that their illnesses have been caused by a mobile phone mast erected above their flats and they are suing the local council. Deed hears the case.

He's also asked by the wife of a former minister in the Iraqi government to help her sue the British government. She blames their use of depleted uranium for the deaths of her family.

Episode 5 - One Angry Man

Friday 3 February 2006, 8.30pm, BBC One

Deed is called for jury service on a murder trial. An 18 year old Ukrainian nanny stands accused of shaking to death a baby in her charge. The child's parents are certain that she's guilty, but she claims that the baby inexplicably fell into a coma. All but Deed, who has been tipped off by Jo Mills about possible other causes of shaken baby symptoms.
Jo, meanwhile, has growing doubts about Marc, who has been summoned back to South Africa. Uncertain, she allows Deed to get close to her once again.

Episode 6 - Heart of Darkness

Friday 10 February 2006, 8.30pm, BBC One

Deed hears a case in which a mother is being sued by her ex-husband for refusing to give their baby the MMR vaccination. The father, Paul Robson-Alan, advises the Government on vaccinations. Jo Mills is persuaded to take on the wife's case.

Consumed by work, Jo forgets to turn up for the rehearsal of her wedding with Marc. After this leads to an argument, Jo is furious when Deed then insists on a meeting on the morning of her wedding to Marc. Leaving with just enough time to spare, she is pursued by Deed...

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