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24 September 2014

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  Your Theories: Episode 5


We asked for your theories on episode 5, you said:

"Both Jekyll and Hyde are incarnations of the same identity."
"Both Jekyll and Hyde are incarnations of the same identity. Their apparent exaggeration is a result of the separation of the ID and the ego, neither of which can operate in isolation.

This narrative should not be taken literally, but more as an illustration of the two apparently disparate, but ultimately inseparable elements of human nature.

Neither of these parts of the protagonists' being can exist without the other; Hyde's expulsion of Jackman would ultimately lead to his destruction and visa versa."

Sam, UK

"Hyde's playing cat and mouse - a waiting game to kill Jackman's wife. What was with the grin when he found out what needed to be done in the past?"

Lionesskeeper, Ireland

"Jackman and Hyde have joined up to become a combination of good and evil. Basically a super human that can rescue his family and destroy the organisation that's persuing Hyde."

Tibby, Leigh

"Claire in the 1800's could be a relative to the one in the present day."
"Claire in the 1800's could be a relative to the one in the present day. Jekyll and Hyde felt close to this maid, and both were upset when she died. Years after cloning and time, Hyde has slowly made his way back to a relative of that maid (Claire). That's why he feels the need to protect her."

Liam, Stoke

"Claire's the catalyst to Hyde. Without her, he does not exist. They both lived in 1880 and were frozen. Peter's company did this and now have the means to recreate Jekyll/Hyde but need the children to do this."

Hannah Pearson, Letchworth

"Jackman was cloned from cells retrieved from the body of the first Jekyll."
"Jackman was cloned from cells retrieved from the body of the first Jekyll. The embryo was carried by the woman who said that she was the 'closest thing to a mother' that they would ever have. This experiment was carried out by the secret society that are trying to harness Hyde's powers so they can replicate them in their chosen mercenaries."

Pat, Cornwall

"Tom's the original Jekyll. A super man who has survived through the ages explaining his memories of the Victorian chapter of his life. The institute is after his secret to eternal life."

Jonathan Brennan, Maidenhead

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