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24 September 2014

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  Your Theories: Episode 3

Benjamin's team

We asked for your theories on episode 3, you said:

"They could have been conjoined twins."
"They could have been conjoined twins. As the series progresses, Hyde's breaking out a lot more which suggests that he's trying to split from Tom and take him over completely."

Joanne, Luton

"Just before the original Jekyll died, he fathered a child that was put into care and was watched over by RL Stevenson until he died. He passed on the job of looking after it to another who was instructed that it may begin to have two personalities. The legacy of people watching over these children eventually became an organisation that watched Jackman for his whole life. Now they need to find out his DNA structure, maybe to create some new breed of super soldier."

J Kennedy, Tyrone

"They could have intended Hyde as a tool for war."
"Due to the military style of Jackman's kidnappers, they could have intended Hyde as a tool for war. Jackman could go into a country as Jackman, and destroy it from the inside as Hyde. (Quite related to the story of Jekyll and Hyde as destroying from the inside is what happened to the original Jekyll.)"

James Caldwell, Thorne

"According to Miranda, Jekyll didn't have any kids but who is to say Hyde went with a prostitute or had a lover?"

Joshua Bellis, North Wales

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