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24 September 2014

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  Your Theories: Episode 1

James Nesbitt as Tom

We asked for your theories on episode 1, you said:

"A secret military genetic experiment gone wrong?"
"A secret military genetic experiment gone wrong? Have they cloned the Victorian Jekyll, realised it would never work, and dumped the motherless child?"

Amanda Cox, Surrey

"The CIA want to get a sample of Tom's DNA so they can breed super soldiers."

Terence Bradley, Milton Keynes

"Tom has been cloned from the DNA of the real Dr Jekyll."
"Tom has been cloned from the DNA of the real Dr Jekyll by the government to see if they could recover the potion he made that turned him into Hyde. But he escaped and has to be found before he becomes world news."

Helen, Rowley Regis

"Tom's not a blood-descendant of the original Henry Jekyll, but instead a CLONE. Thus Benjamin can refer to himself as Tom/Hyde's 'owner'."

Iwan Berry, Swansea

"Is Tom the frozen twin of Jekyll? "
"Could Tom be genetically engineered with Dr Jekyll's DNA? That would explain why he's a foundling. Benjamin could be from the company who 'created' Tom. Or, is Tom the frozen twin of Jekyll?"

Sarah Keery, Staffs

"Some sort of biological experiment created by the government in an attempt to recreate Hyde? This would also explain the black van as it looks like either a military or government van."

William Jones, Leeds

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