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28 October 2014

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  Episode 2

Eddie and Hyde

 Saturday 23 June 2007, 9pm, BBC One

Tom wakes up in the gents of a restaurant. No messages of explanation on his Dictaphone or lipstick on his cheek. Another unscheduled change. His co-diner has left - a pink cigarette stub the only clue as to who she might be.

Tom needs to know - who is Hyde seeing? Katherine's unforthcoming, 'He's entitled to a private life.' Tom has kept Hyde tied to a chair for a week to keep him away from his family.

At the zoo with the boys, Tom receives an alarming call from Katherine to tell him that Hyde's awake.

Suddenly, Tom's faced with the harrowing sight of his son, Eddie, in the lion's den. But it's a trap - Benjamin's team have set Tom up to force out Hyde. After Hyde saves Eddie's life, Benjamin reveals that he has 'cared and controlled' Tom for the past 40 years, waiting for Hyde to emerge.

Benjamin asks Hyde to work with him but Hyde's nonchalant and drives off with Benjamin's henchman, Christopher.

Hyde dumps Christopher's battered and bruised body in a sack at the hospital. Meanwhile, Tom awakes and is startled when a woman introduces herself as 'the closest thing he's got to a mother'. It transpires that Katherine's been working for her all along.

The woman confesses she left Tom in a railway station 40 years ago with only a letter and a photo. She reveals that his father died and that Tom is a direct descendant of Dr Henry Jekyll (even though Jekyll had no children.)

Peter's been working for Benjamin and has tipped him off about Tom's whereabouts. When Benjamin's team arrive at the hospital, Tom's mother urges Tom to disappear for good.

Meanwhile, Benjamin imprisons Tom's mother but she miraculously escapes.

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