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24 September 2014

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Your Reviews: Episode 4

Jane Eyre (Ruth Wilson)

We asked for your comments on Jane Eyre, you said:

"I was smiling from ear to ear at the end when Jane and Mr Rochester got together."
"I'm 17-years-old, and some people wouldn't expect girls of my age to get so hooked on a classic novel adaptation. However at my college that's just what has happened, and our local book shops have all sold out of the novel.

This was a really great drama, and I was smiling from ear to ear at the end when Jane and Mr Rochester got together at last.

All the cast were brilliant, and other aspects such as the costumes and locations were marvellous."

Angela T, Colchester

"Never before have I watched characters with such passion, or felt that I truly knew a character personally.

I experienced every moment of happiness, heartache, belonging and fear which Ruth Wilson portrayed so fantastically as Jane. A true credit to the acting profession, I hope to see many more outstanding performances by her.

Equally, the ever unpredictable Edward Rochester's character shone through perfectly due to the never ending talent of Toby Stephens.

This is undoubtedly the best period drama to date. I look forward to the DVD and hopefully a few BAFTAs."

Hannah, North Yorkshire

"I've been left slightly disappointed by this episode. I read the book at least once a year and love it dearly.

I'd forgiven the programme makers the rush through Jane's childhood as episodes 2 and 3 were so good. I was just a bit annoyed by some of the omissions and the alteration to the section when Rochester tries to stop Jane leaving Thornfield.

A highly sensual and emotional scene indeed, but not at all like the book. I have LOVED this series, but just wish it hadn't sprinted to the finish."

Rachael Burnett, Cambridge

"Who could dislike this new adaptation? There is more truth to the book than ever before. It always infuriated me to see hugely relevant chunks missing that gave the story an insipid feel about it.

This version shows the journey of Jane Eyre as fluid, passionate, sympathetic and beautifully crafted throughout giving an exhilarating episode each week.

Ruth Wilson was a stunning Jane Eyre, while Toby Stephens was an excellent Rochester. Although somewhat too handsome, he revealed the diversity of an emotionally tortured, cunning yet childlike soul."

Michaela, York

"Complete and utter schmaltz."
"I can't believe how utterly crass the final scene was. I presume that flower frame to the final scene was the BBC pandering to the American market? Complete and utter schmaltz. It ruined the whole thing."

Lucy Carrington, London

"A delightful and maybe slightly clichéd end but I loved it. After all they had both been through, especially Jane, she and Rochester deserved to be with one another.

I've never seen anyone so honest, emotional and to the point as Jane, and I thought Ruth Wilson had her down to a tee. She was totally believable and you were sucked into her story from the start.

I loved the scene where she came in and Rochester didn't know who she was and wouldn't believe it was her. Similar to the moment she didn't believe he wanted to marry her. I thought Toby Stephens was very convincing as someone who'd been blinded. It must be exceptionally hard when you can see, and you can't, directly at least, look at the other person whilst you act.

His 'blinding from the fire' make-up was very realistic and all the costumes and locations were fabulous. The supporting cast were fantastic too, I want to watch it all over again."

Katrina, Edinburgh

"I'm heartbroken that this drama is at an end. I have to confess to only having read a summary of the book online. The novel is now a must have.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the series and lament that it is only a four-parter. I did get the feeling that it was a bit rushed in the last episode. Such a shame we weren't given a better sense of the epic nature of this tale, like Pride and Prejudice.

As for Mr Rochester, aka Toby Stephens, poor old Mr Darcy has been nudged - no positively thrown - from his pedestal."

Su, Bristol

"Having read the book as a teenager many years ago, this is the first time I've ever found a Rochester on screen who's true to the novel. Toby Stephens is just amazing, as is Ruth Wilson.

The whole series has been superb. I really hope the BBC will release it soon on DVD so that I can watch it all over again."

Aideen, Dublin, Ireland

"As a huge fan of Charlotte Brontë's original book, I have to express disappointment for the modernising treatment of Rochester and Jane's love. It was too 21st century, which killed the passion rather than igniting it. Large chunks of scenes taken out also spoiled the story and Jane's independent spirit.

I recommend people read the novel. It's an incredibly beautiful, moving and sexy story in the original context of its time, beyond any shallow modern interpretation."

Helen M Sant, York

"By far my favourite interpretation of the wonderful Jane Eyre."
"An absolutely wonderful ending to a great series. The flashbacks allowed the story to keep going and Toby Stephens' gentleness was a new angle to Jane leaving Thornfield. The sheer sense of helplessness at their reunion touched me as much as when I read the novel.

Having seen several productions where either Mary or Diana was missing, it was wonderful to see both of them with St.John. And HIS portrayal was as complicated as the man himself. Caring at times but cold and abrupt at others. I only wish Rosemund had been portrayed in a slightly better light than she was.

This is by far my favourite interpretation of the wonderful Jane Eyre. And I cannot wait to see what else the cast has to offer in the future."

Laura Rountree, Northern Ireland

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