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24 September 2014

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Your Reviews: Episode 1

We asked for your comments on Jane Eyre, you said:

"Take it for what it is, not what you want it to be."
"You always know winter's on its way when the BBC put on a brilliant period drama.

Take it for what it is, not what you want it to be. Sit down with a glass of vino on a Sunday night and enjoy.

I loved North & South, also adapted by Sandy Welch, and she's done a good job yet again."

CT, Berkshire

"When I read that Jane Eyre was to be on the BBC, I thought 'not again'. However, having watched the first episode I'm absolutely hooked.

It's dramatically stylish, and Ruth Wilson (Jane) and Toby Stephens (Rochester) are just right for the leading parts.

It makes such a pleasant change having something with substance to watch over the weekend.

Also the website is very informative and a delight for interested viewers."

Claire Graham, Glasgow

"The first episode was rushed through like a stallion on a gallop. Georgie Henley is a wonderful young actress and didn't get the chance to shine as per the novel. Toby Stephens is not Edward Rochester to me. Rochester is a lot more brusque as befitting his life experiences. This was not reflected in his acting.

I didn't like how the dialogue seemed to be dumbed down. It was as if we wouldn't understand Charlotte Brontë's words.

Sorry, but based on the first episode it's not a wonderful version so far. I've seen a lot better."

Christie, West Midlands

"Ruth Wilson's performance is spot on, she's a very natural Jane."
"Initially I thought, 'here we go, Brontë's classic novel is filmed once again'. I expected to be mildly entertained, and was more than surprised by this superb adaptation.

The most notable difference from previous adaptations was the subtle yet increasingly simmering chemistry between Jane and Rochester. Toby Stephens in particular has done his character great justice. He's just as dark and troubled as in the book. Ruth Wilson's performance is spot on, she's a very natural Jane."

Rammi, London

"At what point did Rochester become smooth, and Jane, a simpering mute? Much as I enjoyed the first episode, I could not help losing my enjoyment to an increasing awareness that these were not the characters of Brontë's novel.

Rochester was not a letch, but a tortured soul. No sideways glances whilst fishing for compliments for him, please.

And Jane? Jane was plain alright - and in that respect was well cast. But her personality burst from her, whether uttered or constrained. Her pride was her mantle, the dropping of which was the cost of her love. And how we and he (Rochester) felt it. Not so in this adaptation.

But - they got the fog, the dog, and the horse right. So perhaps there's time yet."

Emma Hesketh, Lancashire

"Ruth Wilson portrays Jane's sensibility, self confidence and courage incredibly well. She admirably succeeds in expressing emotion with just her incredible face, which is far too pretty to be called plain.

Her performance was superb and she was well matched by Toby Stephens' excellent performance as Rochester. This 21st century Rochester is abrupt, brusque, sardonic and sarcastic, a brooding slightly unkempt man, who nevertheless causes Jane's heart to flutter. Along with many others no doubt. His stony exterior belies his vulnerability and tenderness. Such is the talent of the actor, these traits are already apparent.

One final note: I fear for Toby Stephens' fertility, his britches are so tight they appear to have to be sewn on each morning. A looser pair may improve Rochester's temper."

Penny, Reading, Berkshire

"Absolutely awful. I was so looking forward to this as Jane Eyre is my favourite and BBC dramas are normally fantastic.

The writers and producers cannot have even read the book as there are numerous faults.

The actors playing the lead roles have been miscast, and Jane has a permanent pout. For true period drama fans, this will be a huge disappointment."

Lisa M, Bradford

"I've read Jane Eyre loads of times and have been in love with Jane and Mr Rochester and their relationship for years. So I feel I'm in a position to say I loved it.

The tension between the two leads was perfect. I can't wait for it to develop further.

Toby Stephens is perfect for Rochester and Ruth Wilson impressed me as Jane. Please say this will be released on DVD because you can be assured of one sale at least."

Laura, Gloucester

"Jane's intelligence, humour, and spirit is not evident due to the lack of the missing wonderful dialogue which is in the book."
"I was a little disappointed. The portrayal of Jane is very weak so far. This is not due to the fine actress, more on account of the poor script.

Jane's intelligence, humour, spirit is not evident due to the lack of the missing wonderful dialogue which is in the book. Mr Rochester falls in love with Jane's character, how is this supposed to happen if she hardly speaks?

Toby Stephens is ok, not sarcastic or mean enough and far too good looking. I've always thought that this should have been made years ago with Alan Rickman. I hope there's an improvement in episode 2."

Victoria Ollerton, London

"Having never seen nor read Jane Eyre I was taken by surprise when I watched the first episode. This was atmospheric, and gloomy and very well acted. I await the next episode with bated breath."

Lynn Watt, Scotland

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