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24 September 2014

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Behind The Scenes Production Diary
By Diederick Santer, Jane Eyre Producer

Filming Jane Eyre

Week 6: 10th to 16th April 2006

We need a break.

But instead, after a six day week involving night shoots, Susanna (director), Helga (line producer), myself and many of the department heads spend Sunday doing a mini recce. Brilliant. A great way to spend a day off.

We're looking at some locations which we either didn't have time to or couldn't get to on the original recce, or which we hadn't yet found.

"This lovely meal in the company of many of my colleagues is my weekend, and I enjoy it hugely."
To be fair, Giles Edelston (location manager) has organised things very well, and we're done by mid-afternoon. Then we all head to the art department cottages for Sunday dinner. The various members of the art department (too many to list) have taken as their accommodation for the shoot a whole holiday complex of four cottages with swimming pool.

Patrick Rolfe, their delightful and very talented art director, is also an extremely accomplished chef. He's found local organic lamb, and serves it with the best roast potatoes I've ever had, plus a range of fantastic vegetables including purple sprouting broccoli and braised fennel. This lovely meal in the company of many of my colleagues is my weekend, and I enjoy it hugely. It takes some of the pain away, for a few hours, anyway.


Then, another week begins. Only a five-dayer, but we will have to work on Good Friday.

Now it's April, Haddon Hall is open to the public on weekends and Monday. It's really strange having tourists around while we're filming. For five weeks, Haddon has felt like our own private place. We feel like we are the ones being invaded.

But it's time to leave Haddon, for now, anyway. We'll return at the end of the shoot once Spring has sprung for some (hopefully) delightful Summer exteriors. So, on the road we go.

It's strange being away from our home, but exciting too. Different locations, different characters.

"I dispatch Okey, our production runner, to buy one hundred Easter eggs."
On Good Friday we are at Wingfield Manor, South Wingfield. It's a ruined castle which we're using as Thornfield for certain shots. Dick Manton is our three-times-Bafta-winning sound recordist. He's an incredibly experienced and talented sound man who, despite having worked in the industry for three decades, seems to approach each day with an almost child-like joy, optimism, and sense of excitement. He loves sound!

I think of Dick as the father and the conscience of the crew. He's also expert on lots of stuff. For weeks he has been - rightly - irritated that our otherwise excellent caterers have been serving hot cross buns for elevenses. Hot cross buns are for Good Friday only, Dick has been pointing out. Today it is finally Good Friday, and what are they serving? Croissants with jam on. Dick is enraged, and I'm with him a hundred percent.

I dispatch Okey, our production runner, to buy one hundred Easter eggs. Cheap ones, mind, in multipacks. I write a label on each egg then spend lunchtime on Good Friday handing them out, one for each crew member.

It's a small gesture, but I hope that come Easter Sunday people will enjoy these eggs and take them as a sign of appreciation for their hard, dedicated and skilled work so far.

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Diederick Santer

Diederick Santer, Jane Eyre Producer
Diederick previously produced the first three series of Cutting It, and two of the ShakespeaRe-Told dramas, including the Bafta-nominated Much Ado About Nothing.

After Jane Eyre, he's moving on to become Executive Producer of EastEnders.

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