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28 October 2014

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Episode 3 | Screenplay by Sandy Welch
  • Originally broadcast on 8 October 2006 BBC ONE

  • Jane embarks on a journey to fulfil the dying Mrs Reed's final wish. Once there Jane learns of a secret and a dreadful, vicious lie told for revenge. An uncle, she didn't know existed, had offered to look after her, several years earlier. However, Jane forgives her aunt and after the funeral returns to Thornfield.

    There, the rumours of a wedding between Blanche Ingram and Rochester are still rife.

    When Rochester presses Jane that she must leave Thornfield, she reveals her strong feelings for him. The charade is over.

    Rochester admits he has no intention of marrying Blanche – instead, he's in love with Jane, and proposes marriage to her. Jane can hardly believe it, but once convinced by the strength of Rochester's feelings she accepts his offer.

    Two nights before the wedding, Jane has a nightmare and wakes with a start to the terrifying vision of a woman in her bedroom. She wants to believe Rochester's explanation that it was part of her dream – but the results are scarily real. Jane's wedding veil has been ripped in two.

    As the wedding day arrives events take a turn for the worse. The wedding is interrupted by a lawyer who reveals some devastating news for Jane. Rochester is already married, and his wife, Bertha, resides in Thornfield's North Tower.

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