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24 September 2014

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Episode 2 | Screenplay by Sandy Welch
  • Originally broadcast on 1 October 2006 BBC ONE

  • Jane wakes Rochester from his burning bed. She waits in his room, watching through the window as Rochester's lamplight moves toward the North Tower. On his return, Rochester draws Jane close to him.

    After the excitement of the night before, Jane rises to find Rochester has left Thornfield without word of when he might return.

    When he eventually comes back, he brings with him a group of distinguished guests, including the beautiful and accomplished Blanche Ingram and her imposing and opinionated mother, Lady Ingram.

    Below stairs, gossip is rife that Rochester is to be married to Miss Ingram. Jane's disappointment at this news is both raw and visible, especially when Rochester insists Jane attends the evening soirees at every opportunity.

    When a mysterious guest turns up uninvited, Rochester is clearly unsettled by the news. That night, the whole house is awoken by blood-curdling screams. Rochester calms the situation, but Jane realises something is badly wrong when she sees a pool of blood dripping from his injured arm.

    Rochester asks Jane for assistance, and takes her into the North Tower to tend to Mason who has been violently attacked, as if by a wild animal.

    Jane stays with him whilst Rochester fetches the doctor. But she is frightened by loud banging on the other side of the door. Who or what is hidden in the North Tower?

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