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24 September 2014

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Episode 1 | Screenplay by Sandy Welch
  • Originally broadcast on 24 September 2006 BBC ONE

  • Orphaned as a child, Jane Eyre is brought up first in the cruel and loveless household of her aunt, Mrs Reed, before being sent to Lowood School until the age of 19.

    Jane embarks upon a career as a governess, and her first position is at Thornfield Hall, the home of the mysteriously absent Edward Rochester.

    Out walking one afternoon, Jane is almost run down by a rider. Startled, the horse falls and throws its rider. Jane helps the dark, enigmatic stranger to his feet and back onto his horse. Only later does she realise that it's Rochester, returned from his travels.

    Rochester is quickly impressed by Jane's spirit and is increasingly drawn to her. Jane, in turn, is captivated by Rochester's outspokenness and dangerous edge.

    But the dark corridors of Thornfield Hall hold untold secrets and, no matter where she turns, Jane seems to feel the eyes of laundrywoman Grace Poole upon her.

    Awoken by a strange laugh one night, Jane follows the noise to Rochester's room, where she discovers his bed on fire and his life in grave danger.

    Will she be able to wake him on time? And who is responsible for this murderous act?

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