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28 October 2014

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David Biswell

Illuminating Small Dark Places | David Biswell

David is the camera operator and sound recordist for Illuminating Small Dark Places. Originally hired as a runner for the main film, his precocious camera ability landed him a more creative role in the making of the documentary.

The work and enthusiasm that has gone in to such a small film. You just know it is going to be a success!

David Biswell

David is currently a Production Runner on Silent Witness.  But as with most runners, he's had a varied path to get to his current role.  He started in the CBBC office, but wanting to move into production, he got a job on What not to Wear. Although he loved working on the show, his true ambition was to work within a Drama show. After a lot of phone calls and emails he managed to get the job on Silent Witness; now he's on the right ladder, and hopes one day to move into drama editing.

In five years' time, David hopes to be an assistant editor while continuing to make featurettes for films and dramas.

Illuminating Small Dark Places | David Biswell

His top tip (so far) is to get as much work experience as you can. Working for free is daunting but it can really give you that break. A 4-week work experience placement is a 4-week interview, so make a good impression - at all times!

As the camera operator for Illuminating Small Dark Places, David is excited to have  creative input in the film.  Having filmed over 50 hours of footage, he can offer these tips from the experience:

  • Remember that the camera is an extension of your eye.
  • Since you're filming real life, always be aware of what's going on around you as you only get one chance to film it.
  • Try to vary your angles and think about different ways of looking at events and people.
  • Don’t be afraid to get big close ups (even if its of a hand writing on paper, fingers dialling a number); these can be used for cut always later.

A camera operator:

  • Films the events of the whole production, including development meetings, auditions, on set action, and post production events.
  • Captures the true events of working in a production environment through the lens of a camera.
  • Regularly communicates with the director and producer about what's being shot.
Date of Birth
7th July 1983

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The documentary crew:

Christopher Lee Ball

Small Dark Places | Christopher Lee Ball

Director & Producer

Rachael BernSousa

Illuminating Small Dark Places | Rachael BernSousa

Producer & Editor

Andrew BernSousa

Illuminating Small Dark Places | Andrew BernSousa

Composer & Audio Mixer

David Biswell

Illuminating Small Dark Places | David Biswell

Sound Recordist & Camera Operator

Karen Payne

Illuminating Small Dark Places | Karen Payne

Production Coordinator

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