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24 September 2014

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Series 2 - Episode 1

Series 2 Episode 1

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 9 - 10pm, BBC ONE

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Mickey, Danny, Albert, Ash and Stacie return from a well-earned break to discover that old time grifter Harry Holmes (played by Ronald Pickup) has been banged up. After attempting to con ruthless property developer, Howard Jennings (played by Charlie Creed Miles), Holmes may be in for a long stretch. Jennings has been stung before and won't be out-smarted by anyone - or so he thinks.....

Danny's eager to take Jennings on, but the team don't share his enthusiasm. Convinced he can pull it off, Danny makes a bet with Mickey for a mere 50p. But Mickey is worried by Danny's insistence of throwing tried and tested tradition to the wind.

With a little help from Stacie, Danny is struck by inspiration and prepares the most outrageous con that they've ever engineered. They're going to sell Jennings a gold mine - in London.

Using a genuine discovery of Bronze Age gold artefacts in London, the gang concoct a myth about these artefacts being sourced from a secret mine under London's streets.

As the scam unfolds, it appears that Jennings is falling head first into their trap. But at the crucial last stage Jennings decides to conduct his own tests on the land they are attempting to sell him - the team look to Danny for plan B, but has his harebrained scheme actually accounted for one?

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