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24 September 2014

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Series 3 - Episode 5

Series 3 Episode 5

Friday 7th April 2006, 9 - 10pm, BBC ONE

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A newspaper prints a scurrilous and completely false exposé on Stacie's closest friend, Emily. They've picked on the wrong person this time - in revenge the Hustle team decide to make their next marks the editor, Frances Owen (played by Paul Kaye) and his weasely reporter Tim Millen (played by Kenneth Cranham). Both suffer from a serious lack of morals and are about to wish they'd never been born.

Stacie is furious when their actions lead to Emily attempting suicide. This time, she's not after their money, she's after their resignations. By the time she's finished with them there will be nothing left of their reputations, or their careers.

The gang intend to expose Owen by selling him a bogus story with a surprising and shocking Royal connection.

They convince Millen that he has the scoop of the century; proof that the real Queen Mother died many years ago on a visit to the East End during The Blitz. To cover up the death, the powers that be recruited a doppelganger by the name of Cynthia Felgate. Now Danny claims to have tracked down Cynthia's long lost son, Albert. Could the biggest royal scandal ever be about to break?

After conclusive DNA tests, Millen falls hook, line and sinker for the scam and is convinced he's going to blow the competition out of the water. Little does he know, Mickey is already in secret talks with their biggest rival and about to expose them for the immoral creeps that they are.

The rival newspaper grabs the opportunity to humiliate Millen and Owen in the most excruciatingly embarrassing way possible - simply by showing their gullibility, stupidity and greed.

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