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24 September 2014

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Series 1 - Episode 1

Episode Guide Series 1 Episode 1

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Karen Wilson, Script Editor on Hustle series 1, provides the full episode update:

Top London con artist, Mickey Stone - "He's in a class all his own, a long con player" - is out of prison (for GBH on his wife's new boyfriend), and keen to get back in the game. His old team-mates have been busy while he's been inside: Ash doing the flop, Stacie the dip, and Albert's just continued being Albert - but Mickey wants them back together. This will be Mickey's last score before he retires, so it's important he has the right team.

Danny Blue is a short-con artist, playing the cards, Find the Lady, Poker, anything to improve his skill. But he's desperate to do a long con. Whilst hanging out at London's renowned con artists' bar, Eddie's, he learns that Mickey 'Bricks' Stone is out. Keen to learn from the master, Danny sets off in search of the man behind the legend. However, despite his ability to talk the talk, Danny can't blag his way into Mickey's hotel room. He'll need a better in, if he's going to join this team.

"This crew is not about conning little old ladies out of their pension - they're strictly major league."

Back at the hotel, Albert's got a mark. Peter Williams is a greedy businessman, keen on making money in shares. The con's a go. Albert ropes him, brings him in, introduces him to the insideman (Mickey) and it's all going to plan - until a knock at the door. It's Danny Blue.

Stacie and Albert are unsure. They're at a crucial stage in the scam; Williams has gone for the convincer and they can't risk losing him now, but Mickey lets Danny have his say. Turns out Danny's good - he's worked out they're doing 'the rag' and joins in, backing up Mickey's story. If he wasn't before, Williams is now convinced - he wants in. Danny's also in - he's made it in to Mickey Bricks' gang.

However, Danny comes down to earth with a bump when he's picked up by two police officers, who are investigating the team. Mickey and his hustlers are going down, there's nothing he can do about that, but the question is - does he go down with them? Danny's offered a deal; tell them everything he knows, or suffer like the rest of them. It's not the easiest of choice.

At the hotel, the culmination of all their work - Williams has arrived with a briefcase full of £50s. Danny arrives, tries to say something to Mickey but they're interrupted by armed police running in. Thing is, will Danny remember the advice Mickey gave him?

"First rule, Danny. Look after number one. If you don't, no-one else will..."

It's not so easy when your team of grifters become family...

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