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28 October 2014

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Your Reviews: Episode 6 (series 2)

Your Reviews

You Said:

"They always leave someone happy."
"Mickey Stone is an absolute genius.

Using his brain, flair and a little style, he creates the perfect con. The best thing about the Hustle team is that they always leave someone happy, not just themselves."

Tashon Reid-Palmer, Wolverhampton

"What an excellent series but the last episode was total rubbish. When did anyone have barrier alarms that shine a red light? When did anyone have an emergency switch off from the inside?

So we switch off the mains electricity supply using telephone cables and all the alarms go out?? All alarms have battery backup, then each important site in the City has a UPS. To switch off all the lights in an area you would have to hit an 11kV cable at least. Come on BBC you have experts in everything why not get an electrical engineer to look at your shows to validate them?"

Kevin Hann, Sussex

"Very clever twist - especially with the jewel in the biscuit barrel and the police commissioner's watch showing the time. Hope they resist the temptation to try for bigger, far-fetched storylines for the next series."

John, Shropshire

"Fooled me again! I thought they were turning into common criminals, but how could I be fooled so easily? Excellent, superb, funny, edge-of-seat entertainment - my favourite hour of the week. Total escapism and relaxation for a hard-working gal."

Barbara Cooper, Snape

"I'm sick of all the reality television programs on TV. It's good to have a well scripted programme with brilliant actors."

Adam , Liverpool

"Albert looks just like my Grandad."
"Hustle is the best programme ever. I love the way it is so clever. I also love Albert - he is so adorable, he looks just like my Grandad."

Amanda Evans, UK

"I think this episode was one of, if not, the best. The manner in which the plot is built around you, yet you have no idea why certain clips are being shown is genius. In this episode, it works even better than normal. A truly great episode, series and overall production."

Jeremy Balcombe, Manchester

"Watching the final episode had me on the edge of my seat. Things didn't quite go to plan but they still pulled it off. The police interrogation scene had me in stitches."

Jason, Romford

"Not as original as the rest of the series."
"Loved this series, but found the final episode frustrating. Normally the script is based around a con - this one seemed to be based on a straight theft and borrowed way too much from Entrapment* and Mission Impossible. Not as original as the rest of the series - shame."

Lyn, West Midlands

"How fitting that the gang had planned to steal the crown jewels - this series is the crown jewels of dramas! It sparkles, it's cut beautifully and is definitely my best friend on a Tuesday night. The suspense of thinking our favourite crew were going to get caught was brilliant. To use this episode for the last of the series was a clever move as it was plausible that they could have been caught. Anyone who watches any other channel while this series is on is not living life to the full."

Jessica May, Hampshire

"The storyline was great and the actors very good, but the whole series has been marred by the cameraman trying to get in on the act with his unconventional whirling camera. It totally distracted me from an otherwise good series and spoilt my entertainment. Keep it life-like without the fancy stuff."

JJ Haynes, Washington

"Not only does it have the legendary Robert Vaughn as the paternal Albert Stroller, but also the cream of current British acting talent. The stories are tightly spun and the music is quite simply astounding, combining a retro flare with modern instrumentation. Well Done the BBC and thank goodness we can still produce magic like this in a country which badly needs something to feel good about."

Cameron Sharp, Irvine

"I was disappointed with this episode. It was so unlikely that anyone would attempt this, let alone not get caught. I have loved every other episode but this was a disappointing ending to a great series."

Tilly, Cheshire

"It had me sweating all the way through."
"This was the most exhilarating hour of my life. It had me sweating all the way through, right up until the end when I had the biggest smile on my face. It always kept me guessing what was going to happen, and made me laugh out loud a number of times. These guys are just the coolest people on earth - what a blinding series."

Pete N, Herts

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