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28 October 2014

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Series 3 - Episode 5

Series 3 Episode 5

Friday 7th April 2006, 9 - 10pm, BBC ONE

"My favourite night of the week really is 'Hustle night'."
"Hustle is absolute genius! I love all the characters, especially Danny, Mickey and Stacie. The chemistry between them is so electric and really makes me smile.

The story this week really was pure escapism with a fantasic plot involving the notion that the Queen Mum had been replaced by an imposter due to 'a moral issue' in the 40's and marrying it in an almost surrealistic way with this week's modern day con - pure genius.

What makes the series for me is when Albert or Ash or indeed any of the characters gives sly glance to us, the audience, quite often with a wink. Also the way the episode always shows the retrospective parts to the story and ultimately the twist in the tale - that really holds me and gives the story a breath of fresh air in its style. My favourite night of the week really is 'Hustle night'."

Mike Turnbull, Kendal, Cumbria

"Hustle is finally back to its usually standards. Nice touch, adding in the Spooks feel. This episode almost made up for the rest of the uneventful series."

Ruth, London

"Yet another triumph over evil in the form of a Hustle episode! Fully enjoyable and watchable from start to end with humour, suspense, twists and turns throughout. Lovely ending - completely original."

Sophie, W. Sussex

"Good to see Danny playing a character other than cheeky cockney chappie."
"Mmmmm. This episode, although brilliant, did not have me on the edge of my seat, as have others. However, I found the royal storyline plausible and appealing for all those conspiracy theorists out there!

Good to see Ash with a meatier role, and Danny playing a character other than cheeky cockney chappie."

Alex Hamilton, East London

"Fab show, I don't know why they only make six episodes per series though, it's not enough.

Marc Warren is simply brilliant "

Lee, Carmarthen

"This episode was the best so far! I love Danny in them all, he is really good looking *sigh*. Anyway, this episode rocks big time."

Emily, Yarm

"Excellent episode, I saw the "blind spot" and didn't think it would be explained, but it was. Well done Mickey for having the guts to help MI5. Danny still hasn't mastered one main rule of the con, "It's not all about the money". If he wasn't a grifter he would be a mark!"

Tom Coulson, Manchester

"Where would we be without Mickey's plan B?"
"Again, another episode of excellence. Pure wit and determination led the gang to expose these b******s!

This showed their sensitive side and led us back to elements of the first rule of the con, you can't con an honest man. They conned the man who conned the honest man. And, where would we be without Mickey's plan B?"

Nina, Stoke-On-Trent

"The best show on all week, always look forward to it on Fridays, my favourite character has to be Ash. I like all of the characters but I think the actor has presence on screen.

I especially like the impersonations/disguises and costumes. Keep it going Robert, you are a natural in front of the camera, and good looking!"

Amy Hunt, Oxford

"Once again the Hustle Team proved me wrong and in more than one way. I thought this series had lost its touch, with the team continually failing and the plots becoming less and less gripping (same thing, in my opinion, that happened to Spooks). However this episode got me feeling slightly better about one of the BBC's finest shows. And once again I can't wait until next week."

Gareth, Northern Ireland

"I really enjoyed this episode, I mean getting back a newpaper by telling them that the Queen Mother is a fake - brillant."

Jenny Dove, Gosport,Hampshire

"I loved Mickey and Stacie's comical disguises."
"Genius, the only way to describe this week's con. I loved Mickey and Stacie's comical disguises, and Danny's sweet glasses. I'm glad they got even with the newspaper in the end.

Great acting from all of the cast!"

Gayle, Norfolk

"We love all the episodes of Hustle. The acting is great (enjoyed Danny's accent). The casting of specific roles each episode is excellent (including the 'journalists' this week).

This is the only programme we sit down and watch together every week. Thanks for 'Hustle'!"

Fiona Willsher, Southampton

"Wow! The episodes just get better and better. It must be really hard for the writers to come up with such interesting and clever storylines. Just when you think the Hustle team have lost everything, they have a clever trick up their sleeve."

Kate Carlisle, Weston-Super-Mare

"Brilliant as usual, but did the writers so obviously have to base the newspaper chief on Sir Alan Sugar?"

Bill, London

"The scumbag press got what was coming to it."
"The scumbag press got what was coming to it from the gang with a bit of help from MI5. Maybe they'll be a bit more careful what they write from now on, or they might be bought down."

Andrew Walker, Solihull

"I enjoyed this episode, it seemed better than 3 and 4 and hopefully they will be back on form again. The queen storyline was great, maybe we'll never know the truth. I can't wait for episode 6."

Hannah Collin, Hereford

"Again Hustle proves itself the finest programme on TV at the moment. I almost punched the air in delight when it dawned on me that Mickey had once again formulated an intricate "Plan B".

As Hustle continues to go from strength to strength and further solidify its status as THE finest programming around, I am becoming increasingly mystified as to how the makers consistently better themselves week after week. Long may it continue!"

Lee Hunt, Leamington Spa

"Very good episode. When Mickey got busted, I was wondering what would happen to them, would Mickey tell the others what happened? Of course he wouldn't, he kept everyone guessing. Good reveal of the plot at the end. I particularly love it when the gang look at the camera when they doing something... it's a look and a wink saying 'I know that you know what I've just done'."

Jag, Leamington Spa

"You know that they will come away with a score but you don't know how."
"The Hustle gang are so clever. The story lines are great every time and the characters are the best, especially Marc Warren aka Danny Blue, he is gorgeous and witty.

Hustle is better than the films Ocean's 11 and 12. You know that they will come away with a score but you don't know how, and it's always got a few twists in it and plan Bs.

Just when you think that the Hustlers have got themselves caught, Mickey comes in and says his plan B - it's great."

Louise, Kent

"Awesome – the con is back on with a vengeance. Finally, after being out-conned by an American grand pappy and forced to throw in the moral towel to Bollywood, the team are back up to their usual tricks – grifting, dodgy dealing and double bluffing.

This time the mark was the evil Sunday World – headed by a detestable, greedy scumbag and a slimy, slanderous journalist – but they paled into insignificance against our favourite conning team and their ridiculous, but inspired, idea that the Queen Mum wasn’t the Queen Mum!

This episode had everything – Stacie glamming it up as a private investigator, classic conning capers in Buckingham Palace, MI5 in on it as well and, to top it all off, a very happy ending. Furthermore, the con was pulled off with such slickness and finesse that all others seemed child’s play. Probably the best of the season so far – let's hope number 6 is as good."

Littlerob, Surrey

"C'mon, the gang are not getting any money lately."
"I thought it was OK, but c'mon, the gang are not getting any money lately, and they only seem to be getting the marks for revenge or because someone asks them. It wasn't the best episode but it wasn't the worst. It seems to get more boring each week. I hope it improves."

Jemma Daniels, East End

"This had to be best so far from series 3 in terms of using the fake Queen imposter scam and sneakingly planting Albert's hair on the hair brush as proof of DNA, and involving help from MI5 secret service. Clever plot and nice Plan B!"

Jeff L, London

"This episode showed that the gang can pull off anything, and how ludicrous and hurtful the tabloids can be.

Loved Danny's reaction when he found out they were going to give the money to Emily's charity. The gang do seem to be turning into Robin Hood and his Merry Men; Danny and Mickey in tights?"

Rebecca Dennis, Essex

"I like this one because it showed a whole new side to Stacie than the fiesty side she normally portrays. They always look after those closest to them and help each other and don't question each other. The ending was absolutely superb and it shows there is more to the gang than just conning people."

Carlee, Basingstoke

"I loved the way they broke into Buckingham Palace."
"Probably the best Hustle so far in this series. I loved the idea of the Queen Mum actually dying in the Blitz. And I loved the way they broke into Buckingham Palace. The creators have GOT to make a fourth series, else TV's not worth watching "

BJ, Banbury

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