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28 October 2014

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Series 3 - Episode 3

Series 3 Episode 3

Friday 24th March 2006, 9 - 10pm, BBC ONE

"The sheer likeability of the cast makes working out the con so much harder."
"Once again, Hustle proves to be the most inventive, intelligent and down-right entertaining shows on TV. Although I knew it was always on the cards, the sheer likeability of the cast (Danny in particular) makes working out the con so much harder!

I have never seen a bad episode of Hustle, and I for one hope that the show continues to go from strength to strength. On this evidence, this show is right up there with the very best I have ever had the pleasure to watch."

Lee Hunt, Leamington Spa

"I am very disappointed with this episode. I do not like the old style things that randomly appear, they totally ruin the whole episode. If they were just taken out then it would be fine. I loved Hustle, I had the best times of my life watching it, and now this episode has ruined it! *cries*."

Steph, UK

"That was *the* best episode I've seen so far! Didn't recognize Richard Chamberlain at first, and then had to laugh when I remembered that he'd acted with Robert Vaughn before in The Towering Inferno*.

Loved the 'silent movie' bits as well. The cast are just so good in all their different roles. Well done!"

Ceindreadh, Dublin, Ireland

"One thing did get me. Who won?"
"Another cracking episode from the makers of this cracking show. It'll do this again and again but you really don't know what the twist is until the very end. But one thing did get me. Who won? James Whittaker III or the Hustle crew?

10/10. Can't wait until the next episode"

Tom Fricker, Exeter

"This episode was amazing and it was really clever how the con was a double double bluff."

Lucy, Kent

"The programme is literally unbearable - wallowing in its own amusement at almost pathetic whimsical parody. Plot holes so big elephants could fall through them. It would be interesting research if Interactive viewers could 'press red' every time they want to register a laughable "as if!" moment during the show."

Simon Knight, West Yorkshire

"Unbelievable. They actually got conned. For the first time ever.

I really thought that they would have it covered and I expected them to get the money in the end. The planning and detail that went in was amazing. This series has been constructed in a great way so far, first a long con with a predictable ending to remind us of their style and then a funny wager followed by a lesson learnt by the team. A great episode and series. Plus, Danny getting spanked was just too funny."

Nina, Stoke-On-Trent

"I think that this wasn't one of the best Hustle's I've ever seen to be honest. I think the old fashioned bits got a bit boring and could have been explained better.

"The old fashioned bits got a bit boring."
However the ending in my opinion was brilliant. I guessed he would fake his own death but never expected what happened to happen.

This episode was not as good as the fantastic episode last week but was good and smart in another way which kept Hustle fresh."

Luke, 15, Midlands

"The episode of Hustle on Friday 24th was libelous and frankly insulting to all the hardworking people in the City of London. The City is not full of crooks. It is full of very bright and sharp people. The BBC should apologise for its insulting, stereotyped view which bears no resemblance to the facts."

Keith Morris, Gloucestershire

"A really good episode and Richard Chamberlain was brilliant in the few scenes he was in. It was again about conning people who deserve to be conned and the villains in this were right nasty pieces of work.

"The Charlie Chaplin spoofs were a joy to watch."
The Charlie Chaplin spoofs were a joy to watch - Adrian Lester was obviously having fun. The northern accent was odd - but, of course as the final twist proved - a clue. A con within a con. It sort of questioned the whole concept of how many people can be conned at one time - not just the marks but also the Hustle team themselves. Clever."

David Aston, Asfordby

"I think the series is running out of steam. Last night's offering was poor. Surely they can do better than this? Series 1 and 2 were great."

Peter, Harrogate

"An extremely refreshing sidestep from the norm for TV these days. A plot that you’d be happy trying to kid yourself is believable, with some very delightful acting spinning from reality when required.

Those who really deserve praise here though were Macauley, Hamnett and Lyons for providing some world-class costume designs. Lester's first tailoring included what looked like a pretty smart Pancaldi tie, an almost monochrome version of Taye Diggs' wardrobe in the US legal comedy/drama Kevin Hill. Warren's suiting up scene evokes images of Vince Clarke trying to dance on stage - it so isn't him!

Substance with style, not vice versa."

Carl, Liverpool

"Hustle is so good please make a fourth and fifth series, thank you."

Daniella, Bracknell

"The story had so many holes, it makes most fairy tales seem realistic."
"I'm the biggest Hustle fan there is. But episode 3 of series 3 was like watching a different programme, it was distant from the usual excellent writing and production. The story, about revenge on a merchant bank, had so many holes, it makes most fairy tales seem realistic. Not to worry... Hustle will return to it's usual magic again!"

Ben, London

"In the permutation of scripts, I was just waiting for the story where the Hustle team themselves get out-hustled. But with a series this good, there's still room for surprise even within my own prediction.

Hollywood take note. This is how the Mission Impossible films should have been done: A good ensemble piece full of twists and turns that leaves the audience smiling. Huh, no wonder Robert Vaughn and Richard Chamberlain came over here! So for my next prediction. Well, how about a ton more extras on the 3rd series DVDs? Plus for Malcolm McDowell* to play Danny Blue's dad!"

Wayne Beckett, Maidstone

"The poorest episode of the series so far. I can't help feeling that this is a little bit of a let-down after the first two impeccable series.

There seems to be much more focus on the witty exchanges between the characters rather than the usually ingenious plot. Aside from the second episode I haven't really felt satisfied after watching the episodes. This episode tried too much in terms of production and clever camera techniques - all very well and good but I can't help feeling the plot could have had more work done on it. Clever ending to a just-above-average episode."

Matt, Sussex

"The way in which it manipulates the viewer is sheer class."
"Slick, stylish and sophisticated - Hustle is worth every bit the amount of hype. The way in which it manipulates the viewer is sheer class.

Episode 3 I felt was not as good as the two episodes before it, but still deserves a pat on the back for displaying some good Friday night entertainment."

David K, Southampton

"Hustle is THE best program, whoever writes it deserves all the awards possible, same for the actors! And that Jaime Murray, well you wouldn't chuck her out of bed for eating crisps. She is fit!"

lloyd, southampton

"Unique! The use of black and white film provided a new and original way for Hustle to tell the story. The plot itself had that many twists and turns I was constantly on the edge of my seat."

Tracy, Midlands

"This episode wasn't like the usual fare. It was slightly boring and I didn't understand the point of the silent parts, even though they were mildly funny.

I don't think this show has run it's course, as I loved the last two episodes. This episode was just a weakness. Overall a poor 4/10. Please improve next week Hustle! "

John, Essex

"Danny's portrayal of the cockney wide boy is now becoming boring."
"I am this programme's biggest fan but found this episode was very disappointing. There were just too many holes in an overly convoluted plot. What next? Someone posing as the PM?

Micky giving a 'dead' person heart massage would have finished him off for sure. Danny's portrayal of the cockney wide boy is now becoming boring, and Stacie's role of the insider was totally implausible. Could do better, go to the bottom of the class."

Alex Hamilton, East London

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