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28 October 2014

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Your Reviews: Episode 3 (series 2)

Your Reviews

You Said:

"A perfect cast, script and plot."
"This show can't do anything wrong. It is a staple of my Tuesday nights. This episode was one of the best yet and had me hook, line and sinker. A perfect cast, script and plot."

Edward, Bournemouth

"Absolutely brilliant. Thought I knew what was going on and the team were finally conned themselves, but in the end I didn't see any of it coming. Really, really enjoyed it and loved the tricks played on the bar man."

Mel, UK

"At the end I just had a big smile on my face - it was so cleverly constructed. Also the chemistry between the characters is just perfect. You'll gather I love the show."

Pat, Walsall

"This was the best of the second series so far. I laughed out loud on numerous occasions and only got the twist at the last minute - delicious. Never let these writers leave the BBC. First Spooks and now this. Never before has a series been so satisfying."

James, Caterham

"I'm sure some sad case will pick holes in the plot."
"I'm sure some sad case will pick holes in the plot but I just want to say that this was the most enjoyable hour's TV I have seen in a long time. Good, clean, twisting and turning fun."

Andy Cundy, London

"The best of the new series so far - so slick so smooth it could be be mistaken for Hollywood. When you don't know who the 'mark' is and you are as 'taken' as the bartender was, but can still can enjoy the ride what can you say?"

Chris, New Milton

"This series is an absolute gem - worth half the license fee on its own. I used to love Jonathan Creek for the clever twists and charm and couldn't see what the Beeb could do to replace it. These past two series would seem to have more than filled the void, if not taken things to new heights."

Chris, London

"Was it just me or did the contract for the sale of the caravan have £450,000 on it rather than the £150,000 given to the old woman for the bank note? Have I missed something or was this a continuity error? Ridiculously pedantic point when Hustle is such A1 entertainment."

The Pedant, London

"Dear BBC, Whatever you do, never change the format of Hustle, and never take it off the TV. This has to be one of the best series that you have done. I like the opening format in the style of the late 60s early 70s. The whole programme is absolutely fantastic and very clever. They have got the cast just right. Please keep it going, I sincerely hope that you will. Finally, just a big well done BBC."

Gerry, Crowborough

"Episode 3 was one of the most entertaining episodes I have seen so far. Each character is to be applauded in his/her role. They create a wonderfully quirky team at the same time maintaining their on screen individuality. An excellent script, crisp camera work and cross-plots that would have Sherlock Holmes diarising to spend Tuesday evenings 'at home'."

Graeme, Barnham

"As smooth and classy as fine malt whisky."
"If there's a better cast on television, I can't think of it. Every member of the Hustle gang is perfect, and they operate in complete harmony with a flawless and inventive production team. Whoever put Robert Vaughn in the show deserves a medal - he's a treasure, as smooth and classy as fine malt whisky (obviously in a bottle with a fake label!).

But to single out any one player is unfair because it's not that kind of show. It works so well because everyone involved has got the balance just right.

True entertainment - long may it run."

Judi, Gloucestershire

"The best show on TV. I was cheering when Betty walked in. Fancy old Mrs Warboys being a con artist! Can't wait for the next episode."

Sara, Fulham

"From the moment I heard Mgabe speak, I knew it was Mickey. I recognised the eyes, and I thought his accent was not very convincing; as in the other episode when he was an American. Harsh but true. Good story, but it was ruined because I knew who he was."

Sarah, Devon

"The fact the the 'new member of the gang' was actually the mark was kept well hidden. It wasnt until Trevor went back to the old lady that I started to think "Hang on, this isn't supposed to happen, they don't rip off old ladies" - then it twigged."

Steve, Gloucestershire

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