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24 September 2014

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Series 3 - Episode 2

Series 3 Episode 2

Friday 17th March 2006, 9 - 10pm, BBC ONE

"Danny... What a lovely bottom he has!"
"The second episode of this series was out of this world, totally amazing. Obviously this was helped by the fact that sexy Danny was in the nude. What a lovely bottom he has!

I was gripped from beginning to end, and yet again I didn't see the final twist until it was explained at the end."

Sandy P, Surrey

"Absolutely brilliant; one of my favourite things about Hustle is how it cons the viewers too! It was complicated enough trying to get my head around Danny and Mickey's schemes, but this week they conned the grifters too.

Genius, especially juxtaposed with Albert's conning of Eddie. Guess it just shows - Albie's the best grifter of the lot!"

Hannah, Nottingham

"Ok, a fascinating episode full of devious twists and turns, clever cons-within-cons, and almost full frontal nudity. But wasn't it, well, a bit silly?

I'm not saying it was bad, just a little unbelievable. Still, another great episode from an even greater show. Keep rocking, grifters!"

Susie, Walthamstow

"I felt that a series that normally just about stays within the bounds of not encouraging the glorification of crime stepped over the mark last night. I do not feel that setting a task to commit the most crimes against ordinary people in six hours was responsible.

" trivialise and glorify robbing Japanese tourists... was not acceptable."
Younger viewers will still be watching, and to trivialise and glorify robbing Japanese tourists, who were portrayed as stupid and fair game, was not acceptable. We also saw pickpocketing of innocent members of the public and theft of clothing.

It is somehow more acceptable to show a con on criminals as we feel they are getting a touch of their own medicine, but last night's episode was irresponsible."

Stephen Lewis, Somerset

"Exciting, involving and stylish; Hustle has it all. Even though what they are doing is morally wrong, the way it's presented on the programme couldn't seem more right. A must watch!"

Tom Roche, Bradford

"Absolutely fantastic, and expertly written as usual. Hustle continues to be the freshest, most intelligent, and purely entertaining drama on the BBC.

I used to think Hustle was my favourite drama on TV. Now I know it is!"

Jonathan Hurst, Berkshire

"Hustle on top form as usual. After every episode and the chat about how he did this and when they did that, you feel slightly disappointed because you know you have just seen the best episode as it couldn't get any better. But then it does, the very next episode!"

Russbordino, Warrington

"That has to be the best episode ever! I kinda guessed beforehand that Mickey would just con Danny out of his money but it was so entertaining to watch, who cares that you know what's going to happen.

" entertaining to watch, who cares that you know what's going to happen."
This show just gets better and better. The gang gel together so well yet morph seamlessly into many different situations whilst staying true to the characters. Mickey is slick and calculating, Danny is clever, cheeky and adorably cute - I could watch him forever."

Gypsy, Cornwall

"What a fabulous episode - so many twists and turns. It was great television entertainment, especially Danny as he's just so funny to watch. I had doubts about the first episode. But this latest installment had me cracking up with laughter."

Timothy Mahon, West Midlands

"Episode 2 was different. It didn't have a main mark like all the other episodes but was still cleverly made as always. Mickey and Danny decide to go head to head to see who is the best grifter. There is a lot of twists in the tale to keep you guessing throughout the whole of the episode. Maybe there is a actually a mark or two in the end..."

Calvin Kirstein, Eastbourne

"Now that is more like it. I could get into the story (no guest stars) and it just seemed to fly past.

When Danny was buying the stamp I guessed that he was the mark but I didn't guess that Albert had made a bet. A brilliant episode, very funny and well written with nice short cons."

MJ, Midlands

"It wasn't another predictable long con where we knew what would happen."
"This was pure brilliance. It wasn't another predictable long con where we knew what would happen. It was hilarious.

Danny's short cons were amazing and the way that he got conned twice was great. Who knew that 50p would come in handy? It wouldn't have been the same without Mickey being the leader and Danny being naked. Great!"

Nina , Stoke-On-Trent

"This had to be the single best episode of Hustle yet. I was laughing throughout, loving watching Danny working all his short cons (especially the one with the boat - brilliant) and was taken in by Mickey's 'mark' until just before the explanation.

I'd felt really proud of myself for working out that the pound coin would help Mickey win in the end, but then realised I'd been taken in as always when Albert revealed that the whole thing had been a con. Wonderful. And poor Eddie, will he never learn?"

Gemma, Chichester

"Episode 2 is my favourite so far. The pace was fantastic.

My only problem, but a big problem is: I believe I am right in saying that up to now the team have only stolen from those who seem to deserve to be stolen from. They only ever cheated the cheats.

In this episode, however, pockets were pinched, phones and wallets stolen from innocent people in the street, and foreign tourists in London ripped off and mocked for being foreign (the boat trippers). I am not sure I like this new direction."

Barry, Burnley

"Hustle is now showing signs of being dumbed down."
"Apart from the nudity, language and references to sex, Hustle is now showing signs of being dumbed down and could have been shown on Children's Hour. It is becoming so tongue-in-cheek and comical that it is losing the credibility it had in the enjoyable first series. The pitch is now like the Dukes of Hazzard and the A-Team. I am losing interest."

Piglet, Derby

"As per usual, full of gags and amazingly clever tricks.

No one could fail to laugh at Danny and Mickey running butt naked through London. Personally, I was rooting for Danny to win... Curse him for being so cocky!"

Jess, Gloucester

"I was tempted not to bother watching this episode when I read in a TV guide what the story was, but I do like Hustle so I did. It showed the team in a bit of a different light.

Whereas before they were ripping off people who could afford to be ripped off, in this episode Adrian and Marc's characters were conning the ordinary punter in the street by doing such things as pickpocketing and nicking the odd mobile telephone.

It has made me lose a bit of respect for the guys (and gal). I thought they were a bit like modern day Robin Hoods, but now we are temped to look upon them as a bunch of common thieves just above the rank of shoplifters.

It hasn't put me off - I will still watch. I mean to say, Jaime is such a foxy lady..."

Rod Elworthy, Boston Lincolnshire

"The first rule of the con - you can't cheat an honest man."
"Hustle is amazing. I am a huge fan and I love it - the best programme around. However, series three seems very disappointing. The first episode was alright, but not up to the usual standard, but the second episode was appalling.

The first rule of the con - you can't cheat an honest man. Episode 2 was pure theft from innocent people!"

Maxwell Spence, Witham

"I think Marc Warren is looking more dashing by the minute! I still get absorbed by the cons and I love all the smooth slick acting. Hustle is the best thing ever!"

C. Batten, London

"Great to see the con artists up against each others' ability for a change. There was fantastic comedy in this episode, and I loved the underlying issues internally within the gang."

William Cooper, Epsom

"Very cleverly written, and with so much going on that looking back it was amazing how you got it in 60 minutes. How touching at the end when Danny and Mickey admit their brotherly love - yet I wonder how long that will last!"

Tim McNiven, Essex

"Absolutely fabulous. Such fun and as clever as ever. Even Danny's awful Irish accent was covered by the episode being as tongue-in-cheek as ever."

Jen Theis, Somerset

"Each episode is fresh, yet still uses the same themes and situations."
"A classy mix of drama, comedy and suspense.

I don't think a better group of actors could have been picked to pull off this stuff. Top notch. Each episode is fresh, yet still uses the same themes and situations - thumbs up to the writers.

For all you 'who be dissin' this series I have one thing to say - how can anyone judge the whole Hustle franchise on one episode? Go back and watch the others, you muppets.

P.S. Ha ha - Danny and Mickey naked!"

Mike Hall, Liverpool

"It's so great to have Hustle back again, and this episode was absolutely mind bogglingly amazing. I loved it - Mickey conned Danny, Danny tried to steal money from Mickey, Albert conned them both and I just can't believe Mickey would ever consider leaving!

But of course the most touching part of the whole episode was at the end when Mickey and Danny hugged and made up."

Gaia, Wales

"Some have proclaimed that Hustle has run its course, and admittedly the typical long con theme can sometimes become too repetitive. However, this episode brought a whole new freshness to the show and declared that there's much more to come from the series yet.

This episode was fresh, funny and with all the clever writing and superb acting we have come to expect from this classy show. For once we got to see a whole host of short cons, and not only did we see the traditional twist at the end of the episode, but got treated to a bonus one courtesy of top-dog Albert.

"Danny’s boast, 'I bet I've got a bigger willy than you'"
Episode highlights? Too many to mention, but most centred around Mickey and Danny's rivalry – their initial verbal combat culminating in Danny’s boast, 'I bet I've got a bigger willy than you'; Mickey cruising along in a limousine not long after the drop off; and Danny’s hilarious attempt to pass himself off as Jewish. Genius."

Scott Sumner, Blackburn

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