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24 September 2014

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Your Reviews: Episode 2 (series 2)

Your Reviews

You Said:

"Why not just create the bottle in the first place"
"Maybe I am missing something but why couldn't Ash just create the fake bottle to begin with and then sell that to make some cash? There was no question of inheriting anything as they didn't know Keyes was going to die, and it wasn't as if the wine dealer was a con 'in on it' so why not just create the bottle in the first place and sell it straight on/auction it?! Or, as I say, am I missing something in this? Surely the whole thing didn't need setting up just to give the bottle some 'credible' history!"

Iain, Widnes

"Spot on, this is what TV is all about, entertainment. Hustle has it in bucket loads, cast choice - perfect, plots - spot on. Keep up the good work, guys and gals, I look forward to every Tuesday TV now."

Harry Smith, Maidstone, Kent

"Yet again Hustle draws you in with its brilliant storylines, Danny as the long lost son of criminal turned restaurant owner was excellent. But I think credit must be given to the guy giving it his all as the Zombie at the end!"

Beverley Everitt, Bedford

"The storylines in this second series are well worked out, and it's good to see Marc Warren taking a more central role. All the quick fire shots and dialogue is excellent but oh, PLEASE, SOMEONE, turn down the background music.

When Johnny Keyes lay dying in the arms of Danny, I could not hear his words which presumably were crucial to the plot, because of the loud music, and this happens all through the show now. I do not consider myself hard of hearing, but if, at 64 years old, I can use a camcorder and put my own music at a decent level to watch MY film, I'm sure the BBC with all its technology can do the same! I know there have been many comments lately about this and I am adding my own complaint. It's such a pity the background gets in the way of excellent dramas now. PLEASE STOP IT."

Barbara Richards, Burntwood, Staffs

"A landmark episode in the series. It reveals that Albert is getting old, and his age is showing in his gambling problem. A hilarious ending through the credits and exquisite acting make this episode one of the best I've seen."

Steve-O, Aberdeen

"I watched this episode last night I thought it combined great strategies and an array of amusing moments. Although it is still a con Danny does get quite emotional in one scene and acts it out very well. 4 out of 5 for this episode."

Chris Mackin, Cornwall

"Jaime Murray is still under used"
"It was enjoyable to finally see an episode of this series which truly shows off the acting talent of Marc Warren. I thought that this episode was a refreshing change from the usual "good guy gets bad guy" scenario that was painted in the first series and disappointingly rejuvenated in the first episode.

While watching the clever puzzle unravel itself remains an audience draw, capitalising on the talents of this stellar cast should be a must in driving this series forward. On a disappointing note Jaime Murray is still under used. As a character she has not developed beyond attractive filler who the male leads fantasise over. Please focus an equal amount of attention in developing this talented woman beyond the box the writers have so far put her in."

Kathryn Williams, London

"When Stacie came on wearing that red dress I had to go and take a cold shower. Please note I am in my mid seventies! I had to watch a recording of the programme later when I had recovered. Very good."

Ken, UK

"Brilliant. This is one of the few programmes on TV I don't want to miss. It has everything I want in a drama - an interesting mix of characters, humour, sadness, bit of glam, plots with a nice twist and love the title music. Congratulations to the entire team as it is brilliantly written and produced and the actors all play their different roles well."

Katie Robson, Sheffield

"The first series was fast paced, witty, entertaining and absorbing and the new series is just getting better and better. I just hope the rest of the series is like every single episode yet, QUALITY."

Gemma, Wales

"So far I have had one problem with the series. It's so corny... especially Albert, he didn't need to be American, there is no point. Please make the next series less corny :)."

Chris, UK

"They somehow manage to pull the rug from my feet everytime!"
"...And it just gets better! This episode had it all - comedy to tragedy and everything in-between. Some scenes were quite frankly, hilarious (Marc Warren and his 'peasant pheasant' being one of the highlights), while the ending was not only unexpected but unexpectedly touching.

I also think Jaime Murray is very underrated - there's a comment on here that all she does is wear nice dresses and well, she does that but in my opinion, she's the most convincing of them all! I loved her chav-esque act tonight and her range of voices is just fab.

I love it how each week, even though I think I'm getting wiser to all their cons, they somehow manage to pull the rug from my feet everytime! Hmmm well... always next week I suppose..."

Rachel Read, Nottingham

"Just caught one small glimpse of this programme and noticed a mock newspaper headline which had the word "RESTAURANTEUR" in it. Whoever wrote this mock headline, and whoever else it may concern, should know that there is no such word in the English language. I think the word he may have been looking for is "RESTAURATEUR""

Eric Pearn, Plymouth, UK

"The con's back on but this time a pang of sympathy is inspired for the mark. Yes, he's had a dodgy, murky past and is an arrogant bully but we don't see this in the episode. Instead we are given a glimpse of his more paternalistic and protective character and his pride isn’t arrogance but joy at having such a brilliant son (or not)!

Thus episode 2 is more moralistic as we are asked to quesion the justification behind the con. Each member of the cast realises their role brilliantly what with Marc Warren playing James the prodigal son with true feeling; Jaime Murray injects vitality into the role of James’ tarty girlfriend and Robert Vaughn emotionally and believably brings across Albert’s worry at the ever-nearing eventuality of death!

For me, the Hustle does, in an hour, what Ocean’s Eleven failed to do in two. Fast paced; likeable and believable characters and a con that always meets up to expectations (although they have had a very high success rate)! "

Robby H, Surrey

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