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28 October 2014

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Your Reviews: Episode 1 (series 2)

Your Reviews

You Said:

"The cast are flawless, the storylines absorbing and the presentation is superb."
"This is without a doubt destined to be the flagship programme of the BBC along with Spooks. The cast are flawless, the storylines absorbing and the presentation is superb.

This episode was very exciting, particularly when you thought that 'the mark' was going to win after all. It wasn't quite up to last year's finale but was still effective enough to leave this viewer crying for more - roll on next week!"

Chris Davis, New Milton

"A simply brilliant, wonderfully original show. Bravo for creating a second series! Between all the reality TV and DIY shows on, it's good to know that good television is still out there."

Samantha , Guildford

"It seems as though the writers are trying to ease in new fans slowly, as the con in this episode was not as elaborate as what we had become used to in the first series.

However, I have no doubts that there are great surprises in store. Yet again, the wardrobe, sound and location make this one of the jewels in the beeb's crown!"

Teamcuba, Devon

"The writer is more interested in the hype and glamour of grifting then in knowing anything about the reality."
"Hustle is a huge disappointment - how can they get it so wrong? Hasn't anyone else seen The Sting?

Did Paul Newman and Robert Redford spend all their time talking about the 'long con' or 'the mark', prancing about in perfect Italian suits, or filmed from 9 angles simultaneously, like they were on MTV? No, because THEY were totally convincing, Hustle is totally unconvincing - except as a music video.

The number of times the words 'long con' is used in the opening episode suggest the writer is more interested in the hype and glamour of grifting then in knowing anything about the reality. The first series was similarly disappointing and I am surprised that the controller has allowed this indulgence to continue.

As for the casting : Adrian Lester smiles too much and is too soft - isn't he supposed to be the wise, hardened, long con expert? He looks like he's taking his kids on a family trip to IKEA.

Marc Warren: being the boisterous new kid in town is not the same as acting like a prat.

Jaime Murray does nothing but wear expensive frocks, laugh unconvincingly, and bend over.

Robert Vaughn should never have be cast as an 'Albert'."

Sacha Chander, London

"Slick, clever, funny and well acted - Yes, I'm glad its back! Up there with Spooks as the most enjoyable series to be shown recently.

I hope there is soon to be an episode featuring heavily on the best looking woman on British television, Jaime Murray."

Ian White, Ipswich

"Well...let's just say it was like meeting an old friend and picking up the conversation where we left off. The new series has really left it's 'mark'!"

Brian Stevens, Worthing

"The editing and directing are brilliant, and the cons are so elaborate they leave your head spinning."
"This is one of the most entertaining, funny and well put together shows I've seen in ages. The editing and directing are brilliant, as is the acting, and the cons are so elaborate and clever they leave your head spinning.

I have to say that Marc Warren's cockney geezer, Danny Blue, is my favourite character, but the others are wonderful too.

The music is fantastic, and the theme tune is also brilliant. And as an animation student I find myself drooling over the wonderfully animated title sequence. If the second series is as good as the first, then I'm going to be a very happy bunny indeed."

Mima, Mid Wales

"Absolutely fantastic. I had never seen hustle before and if tonight's episode is anything to go by, I shall make it a definite weekly fixture. Programmes like this and The Apprentice make the license fee worthwhile."

Andy, Bedford

"Welcome back! As ever, Hustle was slick, beautifully filmed, exciting and yet funny at the same time. I'm not sure how they manage it - there's nothing I could pinpoint that makes the show what it is - but somehow everything works together to produce a stunning programme.

And even if you don't understand what's going on, it's simply beautiful to watch! Not least so I can admire Stacie's wardrobe - how many beautiful dresses can one girl have?"

Jane, Cumbria

"Hustle is much like the brilliant film Oceans Eleven. Each episode is as fantastic and cunning as the next. The latest episode was very good and even though I didn't think Danny could pull it off, I still kept my faith.

These people are pros and they always have something unexpected up their sleeve. Every episode I end up clapping at the TV because I am so shocked and relieved at how well they pulled off the scam."

Mark, Shoreham

"The con had a lot of (obvious) flaws that the 'mark' should have checked."
"I think that the con had a lot of (obvious) flaws that the 'mark' (Howard Jennings, played by Charlie Creed Miles) should have checked before bringing in his own team to check the soil for gold. For example, were the identities of the professor and the museum clerk covered for checking by the mark?

Also, the plan included a con-planted Guardian article. The story did not cover the possibility that the mark might have tried to talk about the article in question with someone else."

Villie, York

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