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NAME: Niki Sanders (Jessica, Gina)


JOB: Internet Stripper

FAMILY: Husband: DL. Son: Micah. Sister: Jessica (deceased). Father: Hal.

SUPERPOWER: Niki has an alter ego called Jessica who exhibits superhuman strength.

In Season 1 Niki lives in Las Vegas with her gifted son Micah. She is forced to make ends meet as an internet stripper, after her husband DL was sent to prison. She ends up on the run when she can't pay Linderman the money she owes him. Niki comes to realise that when she's in trouble, her alter ego, Jessica, steps in. Jessica is Niki's dead twin sister. Their alcoholic father killed her when they were kids. She is part of Niki's split personality and has superhuman strength. Jessica becomes an assassin for Linderman. They take Micah as they want to use his ability to talk to machines to ensure Nathan wins the election.

Niki and DL phase into Linderman's office at the Kirby Plaza to get Micah back. He tries to buy off Jessica, and she admits she wants the money. But Niki takes control and Linderman fires at her. DL jumps in the way and takes the bullet. DL then kills Linderman. Jessica seems to be fighting with Niki but Jessica manages to tell her it's not her - it's the shape shifter Candice. Niki finds the strength to defeat her and save Micah. They head outside and Niki helps Peter fight Sylar.

Season 2 begins and Niki is in New Orleans dropping off Micah with DL's family. Its their chance for a normal life. Things don't quite go to plan for her, and she ends Season 2 trapped inside an exploding burning building.

About the Actor

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Ali Larter starred in the successful first and second instalments of Final Destination and opposite Reese Witherspoon in the hit film Legally Blonde. Her first film was Varsity Blues. She is also due to appear in Resident Evil 3: Extinction.

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