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Congratulations to Heroes for winning the BAFTA award for Best International Show.

Heroes is an action-packed US drama following the lives of ordinary people who discover they have extraordinary abilities.

Season 2 began with our heroes striving to be ordinary, four months after the explosive events in New York at the end of Season 1.

Peter, Nathan and Matt had survived, following their impressive showdown with Sylar and Peter's uncontrolled nuclear detonation miles above New York City. With the Bennett family hiding in Southern California, HRG and Claire attempted to live as inconspicuously as possible - which proved to be easier said than done. Sylar had been nursed back to health, and was now intent on regaining his powers. He began stalking and murdering heroes. No-one was safe.

After landing in feudal Japan, Hiro met his hero Takezo Kensei. This eventually led to the death of his father, and to the bizarre burial of Adam. Twins Maya and Alejandro Herrera made the crossing into the US from Mexico, and tracked down Mohinder to discover more about their deadly abilities.

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