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Peter Petrelli

Peter Petrelli

SUPERPOWER: Ability Replication

LOCATION: Sullivan Bros Carnival, New York City

JOB: Paramedic

FAMILY: Brother: Nathan Petrelli (deceased). Father: Arthur Petrelli (deceased). Mother: Angela Petrelli. Niece: Claire Bennet.

Season 1

When we first met him, Peter was a hospice nurse, but he soon realised his destiny was to save the world. When Isaac predicted an explosion in New York, Peter was told that the key to averting the catastrophe was to save the cheerleader - Claire. However everyone was in for a shock when it turned out that it was Peter who was about to explode above New York. Just as Claire thought she would have to shoot Peter to stop him, Nathan flew down, grabbed Peter and disappeared. A huge explosion followed, and it seemed unlikely to those watching below that either brother could have survived.

Season 2

Peter was found alive but he wasn't in New York, he was in Cork, Ireland, and with no memory his only friend was Caitlin. He discovered Caitlin's brother, Ricky, had a valuable box containing his identity. So Peter agreed to raid a bank with Ricky's gang to get his memories back. But when Peter discovered Elle was looking for him, a scared Ricky sent Peter to Caitlin's apartment, and it was here that Peter painted a futuristic picture of Montreal. As predicted the two headed off, but it all went wrong and Caitlin was left stranded in the future. A confused Peter then met Adam. This guy gained Peter's trust by saving Nathan's life, and the pair set out to save the world again by supposedly destroying the formula. Adam had other plans for the virus and it took Nathan's help for Peter to come to his senses and destroy Virus Strain 138.

Season 3

Peter discovered his father was still alive, but his joy was short-lived when Arthur stole his powers. Aided by The Haitian, Angela sent Peter to kill Arthur, and after some goading, Peter pulled the trigger. But it was Sylar that eventually killed Arthur. When Peter destroyed the lab, Nathan was in danger of going up in flames, but Peter injected himself with the formula and flew his brother out of harm's way. He was in for a shock when Nathan told him he wouldn't have done the same thing. Peter's rift with Nathan grew to the point where his brother ordered his capture, along with the other heroes. When Nathan was outcast, Peter tried his hardest to forgive him. The Petrelli brothers then confronted Sylar, and Peter managed to copy his powers. Using the shapeshifting ability, he posed as the President and captured Sylar.

Season 4

Peter returned to his job as a paramedic, dedicating his every minute to saving people, even to the detriment of his own health. H.R.G turned up and threw a spanner in the works, talking Peter into helping him recover a mysterious compass. After his adventure Peter tried to return to normal, but Samuel appeared to him in the guise of 'William Hooper', and without Peter's knowledge imprinted a compass into his arm. Worried about his new compass tattoo, Peter visited H.R.G, only to be turned away. He found a new friend in Emma, and helped her accept her new ability to see sounds. Peter asked H.R.G for help to save Hiro's life. Agreeing at once they teleported in search of a young healer, who also had the power to kill. Taking the healer's ability, Peter rushed back to the hospital to save Hiro, but Hiro had gone. Instead he ended up getting Emma to rethink her decision to become a doctor. Meanwhile, helping Nathan recover after his 'vacation' Peter was visited by The Haitian who told him the truth. Discovering that Nathan was really dead the pair needed to get more answers from Matt. But he was close to death's door. Saving Matt's life, it was now Nathan who was in danger. Realising that Sylar had to be killed to give Nathan a chance for survival, Peter set out to destroy him once and for all. After nearly succeeding Nathan's mind was just too weak to continue fighting and he died. At Nathan's funeral Peter was an emotional wreck and decided he wanted to help others to hide his pain. Hearing of a crazed gunman on the loose in an office he went to help. Unfortunately he was shot and it was left to Claire to heal him. A lost Peter finally found a cause when Lydia called him towards the carnival to take his place as their new leader. Closer to home, Angela visited Peter and warned him that Emma was going to help Samuel kill thousands through her music. Going to her flat he smashed her cello to prevent it. After a vivid premonition, featuring Sylar as Emma's saviour, Peter went in search of him. Discovering Matt trying to bury him alive, Peter entered into Sylar's mind to try to restore his powers so that in turn, Sylar could fulfil the prophecy and save Emma. Trapped inside Sylar's nightmare mind for what seemed like years, Peter finally forgave him for Nathan's murder, and the pair escaped. Samuel had sent Eli to thwart their plans, but they still managed to get to the Carnival. It was here that Peter faced an epic battle against Samuel. But as soon as Hiro had teleported everyone to safety Samuel became powerless.

About the Actor

Milo Ventimiglia's television credits include guest-starring roles in series such as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, C.S.I., Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Promiseland. He also starred in the sixth instalment of the Rocky series, playing Sylvester Stallone's son in Rocky Balboa.

Other Characters

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