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Nathan Petrelli

Nathan Petrelli


LOCATION: Consciousness: Deceased
Body: Deceased

JOB: Senator for New York

FAMILY: Brother: Peter Petrelli. Father: Arthur Petrelli (deceased). Mother: Angela Petrelli. Daughter: Claire Bennet.

Season 1

Nathan started Season 1 as a politician running for Congress. His mother, Angela, believed that the explosion in New York was necessary to unite mankind and that Nathan's destiny was to lead the country through it. Peter started to believe that Nathan was working with Linderman and allowing the catastrophe to happen. Nathan did seem to accept that it was unavoidable. But Claire reminded Nathan that the future wasn't set in stone. Just as Peter began to explode, Nathan swooped down, grabbed him and flew up into space where they exploded without destroying the city.

Season 2

Nathan was alive, he'd lost everything but gained a beard. Taking care of his mother, he teamed up with Matt to find the real killer of Kaito Nakamura. After discovering the killer was really Adam Monroe, he took Matt and headed to the warehouse in Texas. Regaining Peter's trust, they succeeded in overpowering Adam. Trapped in the vault, Nathan had a revelation. Holding a press conference, he began to expose the truth about his power. He opened his mouth, said a few words and was shot dead on the spot.

Season 3

Nathan made a miraculous recovery after being shot by Future Peter. When he learned that his father was still alive and had harmed Peter, he decided to find him and take him down. However, after talking to Arthur, Nathan came to a shocking conclusion, and joined his father. Egged on by Tracy, he agreed to be the public face of Arthur's scheme. Even when a newly super-powered Peter saved Nathan from the burning lab, he was still unrepentant and, as Volume 3 drew to a close, it looked like the warring Petrelli brothers' relationship was broken for good. At the start of Volume 4, Nathan had the power of the President behind him, and set to work in capturing all the heroes, including his family. He hired Danko to head up the project, but faced a constant power struggle - Nathan wanted to round up the heroes, whereas Danko wanted to exterminate them. Danko eventually outed Nathan's ability and took over the operation. Nathan and Peter overcame their differences and teamed up to kill Sylar, but Sylar separated the brothers and murdered Nathan instead. After Sylar's capture, he was manipulated by Matt into taking over Nathan's memories, form and life.

Season 4

Nathan, unaware that he was inhabiting Sylar's body, felt like he was starting anew. When Sylar's powers started to re-emerge, Nathan freaked out despite Angela's assurances. Angela gave him a box of his previous belongings, hoping to trigger past memories. It worked - but he remembered the accidental death of an old girlfriend that his mother had covered up. Overcome with guilt, he finally confessed all to her mother, Millie. Millie acted like a distraught mother but wanted vengeance. She had Nathan shot dead and buried in a shallow grave. Breaking out of that grave - Sylar emerged.

About the Actor

Adrian Pasdar began his career in Top Gun when he was cast as Chipper alongside Tom Cruise. He appeared on the hit series Desperate Housewives. He starred in Carlito's Way, opposite Al Pacino and Sean Penn and Streets of Gold with Wesley Snipes. Before becoming an actor, he excelled in football and attended the University of Florida on a football scholarship. After suffering a serious injury, he turned to acting.

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