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Mr Bennet

Mr Bennet


LOCATION: Sullivan Bros Carnival, New York City

JOB: Unemployed

FAMILY: Daughter: Claire Bennet (adopted). Son: Lyle Bennet. Wife: Sandra Bennet (divorced).

Season 1

"Mr. Bennet" or "Horn-Rimmed Glasses" is Claire's adoptive father. Although he worked for The Company it became apparent that his priority was to protect his daughter Claire. After seeing Isaac's paintings of Sylar killing Claire, he united with the other heroes in an attempt to stop the prophecy coming true. When Mr Bennet and Matt tracked The Company's tracking device (Molly Walker) to Kirby Plaza, he was reunited with Claire for the finale in which Sylar was defeated and Peter exploded.

Season 2

On the run from The Company, The Bennets were living as 'The Butlers' in Costa Verde, California. But Mohinder discovered the last painting in Isaac's series, showing H.R.G's death, and sure enough the prophecy came true. In a real twist of fate, The Company saved H.R.G using Claire's blood and - this was the ironic part - he then signed up again as their agent.

Season 3

After surviving Sylar's attack, Angela set H.R.G to work with a new partner - Sylar. Unsurprisingly, Sylar betrayed him and told him to shoot Meredith in order to save Claire and himself. But Claire came to their rescue and H.R.G and his adoptive daughter escaped Primatech as an out of control Meredith literally brought the house down. Volume 4 began and H.R.G was now working with Nathan to capture the heroes. He worked hard to gain The Hunter's trust, and then secretly met with Angela, and revealed he was really working with her. He played both sides of the power struggle - his goal to stay within the operation at any cost. When The Hunter got rid of Nathan, he made sure he was right alongside the victor, however Danko was one step ahead. He used H.R.G's new found uncertainty to make him think he'd killed an innocent man and forced him to go on the run. He joined Claire and the Petrellis at Coyote Sands to help them fight back. As Volume 4 ended, H.R.G helped persuade Matt to alter Sylar's memory. He then agreed to head up the new incarnation of The Company.

Season 4

Blaming himself for his split with Sandra, H.R.G wanted to leave his secretive life behind and leave The Company. He talked Tracy out of her murderous streak, wiping Danko's mind to give her a new start. However when Danko got killed, H.R.G found a key and soon got suckered in. He discovered a mysterious compass, but was attacked by Edgar and ended up in hospital. Trying to regain a semblance of a normal life, he refused both Tracy and Peter when they asked him for help. However, H.R.G leapt into action when he discovered that Hiro was dying and needed a healer. Remembering a healer boy he'd helped years ago he teleported with Peter to Georgia, America. It was here that he decided to undo all the wrongs of his past and when he saw the boy was in trouble, instead of abandoning him, he stayed to help. Sadly despite his best efforts the boy died. H.R.G found himself less sure of his own purpose. It emerged that during the years he was shielding Claire from Sylar, H.R.G had very nearly embarked on an affair with a colleague. H.R.G and The Haitian went to help Claire at her college. He was surprised to find both Becky and Samuel there and discovered some new information about the compass in his possession. After the Bennet Thanksgiving dinner H.R.G realised that Claire had stolen his compass. He then had a visit from Eli and lost his Primatech files on all the heroes. But when Edgar popped in H.R.G was ready. Beating him up he injected Edgar with a truth serum which worked but Edgar escaped. Using another line of enquiry H.R.G tracked down and convinced Vanessa, the love of Samuel's life, to help him find his enemy. Deciding to confront Samuel, he arrived at the Carnival. However, before Samuel could hand himself in, a mystery murderer opened fire on the camp - framing H.R.G as the main suspect. Having taken him hostage, Samuel showed Claire her dad's memories of his past in the hope she would turn against him. Sticking by her dad, Samuel buried them together in a trailer underground. With seconds to go before H.R.G suffocated, Tracey saved them both. Having thwarted Samuel's plan, he was left broken-hearted after Claire revealed her powers on National TV.

About the Actor

Actor Jack Coleman played Steven Carrington in Dynasty in the 1980s. He has also appeared in Kingdom Hospital, CSI: Miami, Nip/Tuck, Without A Trace. Jack is a sixth-generation descendant of American inventor, Benjamin Franklin.

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