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Meredith Gordon

Meredith Gordon

SUPERPOWER: Pyrokinesis

LOCATION: Deceased

JOB: Former agent of The Company

FAMILY: Brother: Flint Gordon Jr. Daughter: Claire Bennet.

Season 3

H.R.G brought Meredith back into Claire's life to keep her safe. Claire had other ideas and asked her mother to teach her how to fight. Meredith wanted her daughter to remain a normal young girl - but there was no stopping Claire, who left the family home. When Meredith tried to find Claire, she found herself trapped by Doyle - a man able to control people like puppets. When Sandra and Claire attempted to rescue Meredith, they were all caught and forced to play Russian roulette, in which Claire was shot. Doyle was caught off-guard and Claire seized her chance to free her mothers. Meredith then joined The Company. At the end of Volume 3, she was trapped by Sylar with H.R.G, Claire and Angela overnight in Primatech. Sylar injected her with adrenaline, sending her incendiary powers out of control, and locked her in a cell with H.R.G, who was forced to consider shooting Meredith in order to save both himself and Claire. Meredith managed to weaken the glass and Claire broke in. But it was too late to save Meredith. Claire and H.R.G ran for safety as Meredith exploded, destroying herself and taking down Primatech in the process...

About the Actor

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Jessalyn's first major role occurred in 2002, starring in the series Boston Public as Lauren Davis. Since then she's gone onto appear in Nip/Tuck, NYPD Blue and Prison Break.

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