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Maury Parkman

Maury Parkman

SUPERPOWER: Ability to control and manipulate minds

LOCATION: Deceased

JOB: Founding member of The Company

FAMILY: Son: Matt Parkman.

Season 2

Maury, Matt's dad, was a suspect in Matt's hunt for Kaito Nakamura's killer. Armed and dangerous, Maury had powers of his own which were much stronger than Matt's. However he pushed Matt to the limits - trapping him and Nathan in their own worst nightmares. After escaping, Matt wanted to hunt his father down. Matt eventually trapped him in his own worst nightmare.

Season 3

Maury resurfaced as Arthur's sidekick, controlling Daphne and Nathan by using his powers of mind control to make them believe they were talking to Linderman. When Maury objected to Arthur's intention to recruit Matt, he was ruthlessly killed by Arthur.

About the Actor

Alan Blumenfeld started his acting career in the 80s and has been working constantly since then. He's appeared in Beverley Hills 90210, NYPD Blue, ER, Without a Trace and Dirty Sexy Money. He's also played Greg Grunberg's father twice.

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