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28 October 2014

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What happened at The Mill in 2006?

George, Bracken and Ronnie

George suffered from post-natal depression, rejecting her baby Bracken. When Bracken became ill, George overcame her depression and was reunited with her baby.

GP Elizabeth Croft started in January and GP Nick West started  in March.

Greg’s holiday romance, Rico, turned up from Brazil. They married in April.

Nick and Elizabeth had a fling. Elizabeth became pregnant and had an abortion without telling Nick. She revealed the abortion to Nick at Greg’s wedding. Nick was devastated.

Elizabeth turned down Mac’s offer of the partnership and left Letherbridge in April.

Jimmi and Julia

Jimmi proposed to Sarah. She declined knowing he just wanted to replace Amanda, and left to work in Brazil with Rico’s sister.

New receptionist, Donna Parmar, started in April.

Faith was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa which meant she would eventually lose her eyesight. Unable to continue practising as a nurse, she handed her job over to Nurse Michelle Corrigan.

Faith fell in love with Paul and became pregnant. In June, the couple left Letherbridge to travel the world before Faith lost her eyesight.

Mac struggled to help GP Peter Kendrick deal with his depression. Unfortunately, the pressure was too much and Peter committed suicide. This spurred Mac to bring down the corrupt CEO of Letherbridge Primary Care Trust who failed to help Peter.

Julia discovered Mac’s affair with Kate. Julia was enraged and demanded he leave Letherbridge.  After Mac left to be with Kate and Ciaran in Ireland, Julia bought his share of The Mill and became a partner.

GP and new partner Joe Fenton arrived with his daughter Emily in September.

Nick started a relationship with Sadie. When they were both on a climb, she tried to kill him, suspending him from a cliff with ropes restricting his breathing. She revealed she was the half-sister of the patient he failed to save and was responsible for the hate mail he’d received. Nick stopped breathing but Greg and Rico got to him just in time.

Michelle started seeing Ferdy; a married consultant. Despite what the others thought, it was purely platonic. Michelle started a relationship with HO Chris, but finished with him at Christmas when he demanded she stopped seeing Ferdy.  Ferdy realised their friendship was sacrificing Michelle’s relationships with other men so he decided they shouldn’t see each other anymore.

Nick and Emily

Emily became pregnant after a one-night stand. She confided in Nick. Joe found out Nick had kept the truth from him and punched Nick. Joe was later arrested for punching the baby’s father; he was released after a night in the cells.  Emily was determined to keep the baby at first, against Joe’s wishes. Emily’s mother Annie returned from Boston and took Emily back with her at Christmas. Joe was distraught.

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