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24 September 2014

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Series 12

A car bomb exploding in Project Aphrodite

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Under Dark Stars

Thursday 21 June & Friday 22 June 2007, 9pm, BBC One

When Michael Wheeler, accused of murdering teenage boys, is found innocent on a technicality, the parents of one of the murdered teenagers’, Mark and Bridget Croft, blame Pascoe’s investigation for the innocent verdict.

In nearby woods, the body of mini-cab driver Kevin Jennings is found with a bash to the head. His car’s discovered at the side of a main road, suggesting he was about to change a tyre. Dalziel and Pascoe visit his house and are told by a neighbour that his wife Sandra recently left him. They find Sandra and her drugged-up bruiser boyfriend, Gareth Bass, and arrest them.

Teenager Dean Bennett, who testified against Wheeler saying he was kidnapped by him, goes to join his girlfriend Perdy after the verdict. During the night, he's attacked and knocked unconscious. When he comes round, he and Perdy are both bound, gagged and locked in a cell.

The Crofts receive a voice disguised phone call from someone claiming to be their son’s killer. After telling Dalziel and Pascoe, convinced it’s Wheeler, a trace is set up at their home. Pascoe encourages Bridget to speak to the anonymous caller, who tells her the desperate things her son said before he died.

Caryn Bennett calls Pascoe to say that Dean is missing so they visit Wheeler, who denies any knowledge of this.

When Bridget Croft commits suicide, Mark blames Pascoe who feels unbearable guilt. Mark kidnaps Wheeler and takes him to a garage before summoning Pascoe. Mark tortures a confession out of Wheeler that he killed his son, and in a fit of madness, stabs him. Wheeler’s dying words are “Dean Bennett” making Pascoe sure he’s responsible for Dean’s disappearance.

As the body count rises and with trust between them running dangerously low, Dalziel and Pascoe find their friendship and their professional partnership pushed to breaking point.

Project Aphrodite

Thursday 14 June & Friday 15 June 2007, 9pm, BBC One

A car bomb explodes outside the home of Louise Roach. Later that evening, across town at Mid Yorks University Biosciences Department, her son, brilliant PhD chemist Declan Roach, suffocates to death in a sealed laboratory.

Louise explains that she and her husband Kieran, an Alzheimer’s sufferer, have been targeted by animal rights campaigners because of Declan’s work.

At the university, administrator Adam Bolt confirms they’ve had trouble with animal rights activists, and Layla Jadwin a colleague and friend of Declan’s, tells Spicer he had made a formal complaint against their supervisor, Dr Fran Cunningham. When asked, Dr Cunningham denies knowledge of the complaint and says Declan was working on a project with her which aimed to slow down the ageing process.

When Dalziel and Pascoe discover that £20,000 was paid by local pharmaceutical company, Eternus Biotech, into Declan’s bank account shortly before he died, the Managing Director Joe Furst tells them it was a golden handshake – Declan was coming to work for him. Joe shows Dalziel and Pascoe around their trial for a miracle cream that will restore lost youth, based on Fran Cunningham’s research.

Dalziel and Pascoe learn Declan was the public face of a pro-animal testing group, Science Saves, with undergraduate student Sam Wiseman, who he was seen arguing with just before he died. Sam dismisses the argument claiming Declan’s death was because of the stand they took against hard-line animal rights group War On Testing.

As Dalziel and Pascoe investigate a threatening e-mail from Declan to Fran, an attack on Sam, the Roaches’ home set on fire, and further deaths, they uncover a lethal cocktail of power, money and jealousy beneath the glossy veneer of the cosmetics industry.

Demons On Our Shoulders

Sunday 6 May & Sunday 13 May 2007, 9pm, BBC One

It's Halloween and, in a suburban home, Guy Hamilton (James Vaughan) shoots dead his wife, Jean (Laura Mortimer), in their bedroom before disappearing.

In the aftermath of the murder, Dalziel and Pascoe visit the Hamiltons' daughter, Katherine (Robyn Addison), and her husband, Oliver Taylor (Paul Hilton).

They discover it isn't the first time Guy had murdered Jean. He killed her in exactly the same way on a television show, set up and staged by celebrated hypnotist and illusionist, Lee Knight (Richard E Grant).
When confronted by Dalziel and Pascoe, Lee is shocked at the news of Jean's murder.  He swears he de-programmed Guy after the show.
Elsewhere, Katherine and her lover, David Sargent, the Hamilton family solicitor, perform ritualistic sex magic watched by her husband and another six people.

After another death, Dalziel and Pascoe find themselves drawn into the dark and dangerous world of the paranormal, and discover nothing and no one is what it seems.

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Catch up on the latest storylines.


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