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24 September 2014

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Past Series
Delve into the history of Holby

Series 20 (2005-2006)
47 Episodes, 10/9/05 - 26/8/06   watch the opening titles

Major Incidents
Block of flats collapse; Guppy's attack; Jas' suicide, Comfort's stabbing; major RTA; Woody's death; Bruno's arrest; Ellen's cancer diagnosis and Nathan's HIV.

Series Overview
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  • Naughty nurse Bruno arrives and     causes friction with Maggie.
  • A block of flats containing some asylum     seekers collapses.
  • Maggie sees her husband Steve again     after 15 years.
  • Tess is drugged and nearly killed by     Sam's girlfriend, Fleur.
  • Guppy's attacked by a racist gang.
  • Comfort's stabbed by a teenager after Luke's ambulance is     hijacked.
  • A major RTA wreaks havoc at Christmas.
  • Woody dies a hero, after he removes a chlorine canister from the     crash scene.
  • Ellen tells Harry she's pregnant.
  • Charlie turns Bruno over to the police.
  • Ellen proves to Nina she's pregnant.
  • Harry proposes to Ellen.
  • Charlie's wrongly arrested for kerb-crawling.
  • Ellen discovers she's had a molar pregnancy.
  • Ellen discovers she has cancer.
  • Luke meets a troublesome teen called Sol and agrees to give him     football coaching.
  • The staff discover Ellen has cancer.
  • Luke and Comfort are held hostage by Sol's friend, Reuben.
  • Luke resigns to coach Sol in Sierra Leone.
  • Nathan pricks his finger on a used hypodermic needle.
  • Nina tells Abs their relationship is over.
  • Ellen gets the all clear.
  • Nina's suspended after a patient she hit complains about her.
  • Guppy lets his hair down at Nina's party and kisses Kelsey.
  • Despite Josh's efforts, Nina quits.
  • Nathan confides to Selena he is HIV positive, following a one-    night stand with a prostitute.

  • The Patients
    A girl who has male hormones; a girl who's fallen into a freezer, a hen party and a woman with a ginnie-worm in her foot.

    Guest Stars
    James Gaddas (Bad Girls' Neil) as Carl O'Leary.
    Jodi Albert (Hollyoaks' Debbie) as Jody Tiller .
    Victoria Alcock (Bad Girls' Julie) as Sandra McClean.
    Kika Mirylees (Bad Girls' Julie) as Barbara Wells.

    Regular Characters
    Harry Harper (Consultant), Guppy Sandhu (Registrar), Maggie Cauldwell (Registrar), Tess Bateman (Clinical Nurse Manager), Charlie Fairhead (Clinical Manager), Selena Donovan (Associate Specialist), Abs Denham (Mental Health Nurse), Josh Griffiths (Paramedic), Comfort Jones (Paramedic), Nina Farr (Technician), Sam Bateman (Health Care Assistant).

    Characters Joining
    Ep1: Bruno Jenkins (Senior Staff Nurse), Ep15: Nathan Spencer (Corporate Director), Ep31: Alice Chantrey (Receptionist), Ep40: Greg Fallon (Paramedic)

    Characters Leaving
    Ep17: Paul 'Woody' Joyner (Paramedic), Ep24: Bruno Jenkins (Staff Nurse), Ep38: Luke Warren (Paramedic), Ep47: Nina Farr (Paramedic)

    Series 20 was contributed to by fans - acknowledgements 


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