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28 October 2014

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Past Series
Delve into the history of Holby

Series 10 (1995-96) Contributed to by fans
24 Episodes, 16/9/95 - 24/2/96   watch the opening titles

Major Incidents
A collapsed Spectators' stand; an inferno at a barn, a car bomb; a stolen baby, a gas explosion; Baz's pregnancy; a major RTA, Ash & Laura's wedding.

Series Overview
Series 10 Photo Gallery
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  • Baz and Charlie have embarked on a     torrid affair but Charlie's feeling     frustrated.
  • Mike decides to stay in Holby     permanently.
  • Relations are tense between Rachel and     Mike.
  • Baz's offered the position of Senior     Registrar and keeps Charlie on     tenterhooks over whether to accept it or     not.
  • Daniel's wrongly accused of stealing a ring by a fraudster.
  • Liz is held hostage and molested by a mentally ill man.
  • Charlie meets Baz's husband, Peter for the first time.
  • On her first day, Laura asks Ash out and they go back to hers.
  • Charlie's told to make budget cuts.
  • Charlie feels more frustrated after seeing Baz and Peter celebrating     their wedding anniversary.
  • Rachel and Mike argue in public. Later, Charlie confides in her     over Baz.
  • Charlie ends his affair with Baz but when she turns up on his     doorstep and seductively invites him to the bedroom, he can't resist.
  • A patient's husband threatens to sue after his wife's sent 50 miles to     Holby because of a new controversial funding system.
  • Charlie grows tired of waiting for Baz and starts seeing another     woman.
  • When Baz learns that Peter's infertile and wants to adopt, she     leaves him. Baz and Charlie are reunited.
  • Laura organises a charity ball to raise funds for the department. Ash     agrees to go with Laura and they kiss passionately. Rachel goes     with Mike plus Baz confides in Rachel that she's carrying Charlie's     baby.
  • There's a huge protest outside the ED following the Trust's     investment in an armaments firm.
  • Baz tells Charlie about the baby and he wants to be involved.
  • Laura faces a PR crisis when the press demand answers about     mismanagement of hospital funds.
  • Ash asks Laura to marry him and she accepts.
  • Mike resigns following the board's decision to support the Trust's     investment in the armaments firm.
  • Mike asks Rachel to go to Somalia with him and she agrees.
  • Baz tells Peter about her affair with Charlie.
  • Kate's threatened with a knife by a paranoid schizophrenic.
  • Daniel has a breakdown after misdiagnosing patients and quits.
  • Charlie decides to go for it with Baz.
  • Ash and Laura tie the knot... watch the clip

  • The Patients
    A clinically depressed man who's obsessed with ferrets; a bald man who's glued a wig to his head, a stolen sick baby, a married and secretive cross-dresser who falls down the stairs, a gay vicar who tries to hang himself, an asylum seeker who commits suicide from the hospital roof; a man who falls down an airport lift shaft.

    Guest Stars
    Letitia Dean (Sharon in EastEnders) plays Hannah, a mother who's son's badly beaten.
    Russell Boulter (Casualty's Ryan) plays AIDS victim Martin.

    Regular Characters
    Charlie Fairhead (Charge Nurse), Josh Griffiths (Paramedic), Martin Ashford (Senior Staff Nurse), Mike Barratt (Consultant), Matt Hawley (Receptionist), Liz Harker (Paramedic), Jude Korcanik (Staff Nurse), Baz Hayes (Registrar/Consultant) and Kate Wilson (Senior Staff Nurse).

    Characters Joining
    Ep1: Daniel Perryman (Senior House Officer), Ep4: Laura Milburn (PR Officer), Ep16: Peter Hayes (Non-Executive Board Member).

    Characters Leaving
    Ep20: Peter Hayes, Ep21: Rachel Longworth and Mike Barratt, Ep24: Daniel Perryman, Martin Ashford and Laura Milburn.

    Series 10 was contributed to by fans - acknowledgements 


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