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28 October 2014
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Character: Patrick Spiller Contributed to by fans
Actor: Ian Kelsey

Patrick Spiller  Name: Patrick Spiller
  Arrival: 11 Dec, 1999 (S14 Ep15)
  Departure: 16th March, 2002 (S16, Ep28)
  Role: Registrar
  Played by: Ian Kelsey

Patrick was technically superb and very much the doctor you'd want if you were unconscious and at death's door. He was a lady’s man and didn’t waste time getting involved with any pretty woman that crossed his path. He hid behind sarcasm hoping that no-one would see who he really was.

We finally saw the softer side of Dr Spiller after Rachel's death and realising that she'd lost his child. And then with his love affair with Lara. A meeting of equals that seemed destined for happiness until Patrick's tragic, if heroic, death.

 Memorable Moments
- Convincing a childminder to give a baby back after being told he had    no patient skills.
- Taking refuge in a barn with Holly at Xmas... watch the clip
- Nearly kissing Lara at the Halloween party... watch the clip
- Rescuing Holly from her stalker, Tom... watch the clip
- Being held at gunpoint with Spencer on a boat.
- Having an affair with Rachel.
- Breaking down after Rachel's death.
- Asking Lara out on her first day... watch the clip
- Asking Lara to marry him.
- Dining with Lara at a pool... watch the clip
- Being rescued by Lara after nearly drowning... watch the clip
- Saving a minibus full of children after he crashed his car.
- Getting engaged to Lara.
- Collapsing at a restaurant... watch the clip
- Suffering an intercranial bleed after the RTA and dying.

 Worst Moments
- His cocky attitude on his first day... watch the clip
- Being fined a pound every time he irritated someone.
- Being suspecting of being Holly's stalker.
- Being beaten up by Rachel's husband... watch the clip
- Lara rejecting his first proposal.
- Discovering Rachel was carrying his child.

 Love Interests
Maria (a med student), Holly, Rachel and Lara.

- Beaten up by Greg and developing hypothermia.
- Beaten up by Greg following Rachel's death.
- Suffered a fatal intercranial bleed.

Thanks to the following fans who contributed to Patrick's profile:
Shelley (Durham), Jenna (Surrey), Sabrina (Swindon), Rachel Nash (Sutton), Sall (Devon), Lucy (Manchester), Louisa (Warwickshire), Bob (Zooport), Amy (Ipswich), Lauren (Aylesbury), Sophie (Wymondham), Stacey Davies (Stocksbridge), Tina (Doncaster), Rosanna Jones (South Wales), Dory (Blackpool), Amey, Jess Baxter (Shropshire), Rebecca Day (Pontefract), Michael Anderson (Blyth), Lauren Slater (Sheffield), Ellen (Northumberland), Sean (Scotland), Georgie (Kenley), Meg (Sussex), Steven Church (Essex), Rachel (Cambridgeshre), Roxie (Bristol), Natalie (St Andrews), Christine (Manchester), Georgina (Huddersfield).
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Casualty - Patrick

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