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28 October 2014

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Interviews: Will Thorp
 Exclusive interviews with the Casualty cast

Q. How do the women react to you?
WILL: Some of them play the game and flirt back. But with Comfort because I'm replacing Fin she's not willing to take any flirty nature. I think eventually I win her over. There's nothing bad about Woody, he's just a fun guy.

Q. Any romance?
WILL: We'll see.

Q. So your character doesn't get much romance but he's a flirt?
WILL: Yes he's a flirt and I think he's going to be getting himself into trouble. He has a wicked sense of humour and nothing's going to get him down.

Q. Is Woody going to cause havoc in the hospital?
WILL: Yes I think pretty much that's going to be it.

Q. Are you similar to Woody?
WILL: Our sense of humours are similar. I think I'm sort of like him but I've got responsibility, I've got a wife and a baby on the way and I own a flat so if you took that away, I'd be exactly like him.

Q. Is she in the business too?
WILL No, she's a sign language interpretator. She interprets plays.

Q. When's the new arrival?
WILL: On the 19th January. I'm going to get the costume department to make a baby grow paramedic outfit!

Q. Are you the people's official guide to the city having trained in Bristol?
WILL: Yeah, I suppose I am but we haven't really been out. I'll give them a tour. It's nice to be back in Bristol.


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