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28 October 2014

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Born and Bred

Tom & Arthur Gilder (Michael French & James Bolam)

Set in the Lancashire village of Ormston in the 1950s, Born and Bred centres on the relationship between city doctor Tom Gilder and his village GP father, Arthur Gilder.

Tom (Michael French) returns to the village he grew up in to help his father, Arthur (James Bolam), bring the cottage hospital, Ormston Memorial, into the fledgling National Health Service. Their medical methods and generational differences occasionally put them on a collision course; it often takes the effort of the whole village to stop them from killing each other.

Deborah Gilder (Jenna Russell)

Tom's wife Deborah (Jenna Russell) joins forces with pub landlady Phyllis (Maggie Steed) on the parish council, under a remit to "liven things up". Arthur and Tom, now living and working under one roof, seem to have found a way of peacefully co-existing - sometimes. Their workload shows no sign of abating as they deal with cases as varied as an abandoned deaf child, Eddie's terminally ill uncle Fred (David Troughton), who's set his heart on romancing Phyllis, and Mr Boynton's (Donald Gee) chest problems.

It's Deborah's turn to experience family problems when her mother, Dora, turns up and arranges her own wedding (to a man Deborah hardly knows) to take place in Ormston. Reverend Brewer (Clive Swift) performs an exorcism that doesn't quite go to plan and all hell breaks loose when battle axe Eugenia Maddox MP (Frances de la Tour) conducts her own political vendetta against Tom, Arthur and the whole of Ormston.

Jean and Wilf Bradshaw and Len Cosgrove

The village is under threat and so are its inhabitants. Phyllis is shellshocked when her husband, Harry (Bill Patterson), reappears after seven years missing - only to sell the pub from under her. Tom and Arthur's relationship deteriorates when Tom gets a job offer from New Zealand - which Arthur promptly steals and exits stage right.

As Arthur disappears on a train bound for the port, Phyllis and Deborah discover that Ormston is threatened with demolition. Only when everyone has abandoned their homes does it come to light that it's an elaborate scam by a con artist who has looted the village. Tom realises he has to go to New Zealand to make peace with his father.

Donald (Richard Wilson) and Phyllis (Maggie Steed)

In Tom's absence, Deborah helps to set up a blood bank to blood-type everyone in Ormston alongside Dr Donald Newman (Richard Wilson) and a young doctor from nearby village, Rattenbury, Dr Nick Logan (Oliver Milburn). As Deborah and the children excitedly wait for Tom's return from New Zealand she is given the news that he died on the passage back to England; trying to save a boy who fell overboard.

Mr Henry Williamson (Nigel Havers), Surgeon General at Rattenbury Hospital, visits Ormston to pay his respects to Tom. He also makes Deborah an offer to buy Ormston Memorial on behalf of the NHS.

Nancy Brisley (Kelly Harrison)

Deborah's sister Nancy Brisley (Kelly Harrison) arrives in the village to help with the children and they are delighted to have their favourite aunt to stay.

The gorgeous and impetuous Nancy sets her sights on Dr Logan and embarks on a number of schemes to snare him. She is frequently disappointed with his lack of attention and believes that it may be Deborah that he desires.


Michael French
Dr Tom Gilder
James Bolam
Dr Arthur Gilder
Oliver Milburn
Dr Nick Logan
Richard Wilson
Dr Donald Newman
Nigel Havers
Mr Henry Williamson
Jenna Russell
Deborah Gilder
Kelly Harrison
Nancy Brisley
Maggie Steed
Phyllis Woolf
Clive Swift
Reverend Brewer
Donald Gee
Mr Boynton
Naomi Radcliffe
Jean Bradshaw
John Henshaw
Wilf Bradshaw
Tracey Childs
Linda Cosgrove
Peter Gunn
Len Cosgrove
Samuel Hudson
Eddie Mills

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