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28 October 2014

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Sgt George

 Episode: 5

Richard (Patrick Kennedy) puts further strain on his relationship with Jarndyce (Denis Lawson) by announcing his intention to quit the law and join the army.

Jarndyce warns him that this must be his final choice of career, and that he needs to take his employment seriously, since no good will ever come of his Chancery hopes.

Charley Neckett (Katie Angelou) turns up as a not wholly welcome gift for Esther. Jarndyce has employed her as Esther's (Anna Maxwell Martin) maid without consulting her first.

Elsewhere, Caddy (Natalie Press) and Prince (Bryan Dick) announce their engagement to Old Mr Turveydrop (Matthew Kelly). He is most displeased, until they pledge to work together to make his life more agreeable.

Gridley's (Tony Haygarth) on the run from the law, following Tulkinghorn's arrest warrant. He asks his old friend, Miss Flite (Pauline Collins), if she can take him in.

But she points him in the direction of Sergeant George (Hugo Speer), a noble ex-soldier who now owns a gym. Among his fencing pupils is Richard, who's learning the arts of war in preparation for joining his regiment.

Unfortunately for George, he has become embroiled in Tulkinghorn's (Charles Dance) investigation. Clamb (Tom Georgeson) has managed to identify Nemo (John Lynch) as a Captain Hawdon, in debt to the moneylender Smallweed (Phil Davis).

George was a close friend of Hawdon's during their army days, and he now also owes Smallweed money.

Tulkinghorn desperately wants to get hold of a sample of Hawdon's hand-writing for comparison. He sends Smallweed to blackmail George into providing a letter from Hawdon. But George isn't interested in helping.

Meanwhile, Inspector Bucket (Alun Armstrong) follows Miss Flite to the gym where a dying Gridley is discovered. Before an arrest can be made, Gridley passes away.

Screenplay by Andrew Davies.

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