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24 September 2014

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Mr Jarndyce

 Episode: 4

Jarndyce (Denis Lawson) takes Esther (Anna Maxwell Martin) and Ada (Carey Mulligan) to visit his friend, Mr Boythorn (Warren Clarke), in the Leicestershire countryside.

In the local church, Esther has a strange encounter with Boythorn's neighbour Lady Dedlock (Gillian Anderson) in which both feel a mysterious pull of recognition.

Later, on a country walk, Jarndyce, Esther and Ada are caught in a storm and take shelter at the same place as Lady Dedlock. She asks Jarndyce for confirmation that Esther is indeed an orphan. Then, after listening to another unruly outburst, Lady Dedlock sacks her fiery maid, Hortense (Lilo Baur).

Meanwhile, Jarndyce is jealous to overhear Esther tell Ada about her affection for Woodcourt (Richard Harrington). He's starting to have feelings for Esther himself...

Back in London, Richard (Patrick Kennedy) is now working at Kenge and Carboys, and showing an unhealthy interest in the Jarndyce and Jarndyce suit.

Guppy (Burn Gorman) pays a visit to Snagsby's (Sean McGinley) law-writing shop, where he meets Mrs Chadband (Catherine Tate). She happened to work for Miss Barbary, Esther's former guardian, in the past, and informs Guppy that Esther's real surname is Hawdon.

Guppy decides to investigate further by chasing the matter up with Krook (Johnny Vegas). But Krook is so wily – and so drunk – that he doesn't get very far.

A policeman has also called at Snagsby's with Jo (Harry Eden), the crossing sweeper, in tow. Jo has a substantial amount of money in his possession, and the policeman doesn't believe his story about the lady who gave it to him.

Snagsby takes Jo's story to Tulkinghorn, and is introduced to Inspector Bucket (Alun Armstrong). After finding Jo, they bring him to Tulkinghorn's (Charles Dance) office, where he's startled to see what appears to be the same lady who gave him the money.

Screenplay by Andrew Davies.

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