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28 October 2014

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 Episode: 11

Vholes (Dermot Crowley) pays a visit to Bleak House to appeal to Jarndyce's (Denis Lawson) generosity in the hope that he'll pay Richard's (Patrick Kennedy) debts.

Esther (Anna Maxwell Martin) and Ada (Carey Mulligan) visit Richard (Patrick Kennedy) in Deal, where Ada offers him her inheritance to help ease his financial woes. Richard's deeply touched by the gesture, but the offer has come too late – he's selling out of the Army.

The girls return to the inn to find it in an uproar: the brave hero of the shipwrecked Indiaman has returned to port. Before she can take this in, Esther comes face to face with Woodcourt (Richard Harrington), and their meeting raises some uncomfortable questions for her.

Meanwhile, Jenny (Charlie Brooks) finds a very ill Jo (Harry Eden) wandering the streets of London. After returning to the city, Woodcourt stumbles upon them and realises immediately that Jo's illness is a matter of life and death.

Elsewhere, Tulkinghorn (Charles Dance) discovers that Lady Dedlock (Gillian Anderson) has crossed him and dismissed Rosa (Emma Williams). Furious, he announces that their deal is off. He will now expose her secret at some unspecified point.

Meanwhile, despite Woodcourt's efforts Jo passes away at the gym. Before he dies, he reveals his fear of being found by Tulkinghorn. Sergeant George (Hugo Speer) rails against Tulkinghorn's maliciousness. Phil (Michael Smiley) tries to calm him without success. Still seething, George leaves – but Phil notices that one of the pistols he was cleaning is missing.

Clamb (Tom Georgeson) leaves the office for the night, bumping into George in the alley nearby. Later, Tulkinghorn is shot...

Screenplay by Andrew Davies.

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